5 Most Common Fashion Errors That Make You Like an Idiot

Avoid These Style Mistakes

Living in New York City, I see a lot of guys with great style. NYC culture places a lot of value on having a creative, individual style. But that doesn?t mean you have to spend a lot of money. After living here a little while, I feel like I?ve gotten better at shopping for, and dressing, myself. But just NYC is a fashion Mecca, doesn?t mean I don?t see a lot of mistakes. Here are the most common, that I think apply to guys everywhere.

1. Dirty/Wrinkled Clothes

One of the first things women notice about a guy is how clean he is. Women notice shoes and teeth, as a RULE, when they first check a guy out. They are looking to see if he takes care of the things that are important to him, and also that he is clean, which probably indicates that he is disease-free. It?s OK to throw on a white t-shirt that?s a little wrinkled, but generally your shirts should be clean and wrinkle-free. Also be diligent about your shoes and pants. Nothing looks worse than wrinkled or stained clothes on a guy.

2. Not Matching

I don?t recommend that you color-coordinate every item of clothing. You don?t need to match your orange baseball cap, orange jacket, and orange Nikes like I see some guys doing. But if you?re wearing brown shoes, wear a brown belt. If you have a baseball cap with green trim, wear a shirt that has a little green in it. Try not to wear more than three colors, and maybe a fourth for trim, e.g. blue jeans, a green shirt, brown shoes, with a brown belt. If you have some cool sneakers, see if you can find a belt that includes the color of the trim on the shoes.

3. Boring/Out of Date Gear

Guys play it safe too much. I have a pair of gray sneakers that lace up the side instead of straight up the front. I get a lot of women checking them out! I update my shirts pretty regularly. You won?t catch me with a Gap sweatshirt from 1995. I pay special attention to my jeans ? jean styles change pretty frequently. At the same time, a pair of classic Levi 501?s always look great, which brings me to my next point.

4. Overly Trendy

Thank God the Ed Hardy/crazy skull/dragon thing is coming to an end. I admit women found those t-shirts hot, at first. But more and more I hear women saying that they can?t stand it when a guy dresses like he?s on the Jersey Shore. I don?t see many guys wearing the dragon/skull shirts anymore, but I do see guys trying too hard to be trendy. Think about classic style, stuff that hasn?t gone out of style in decades. And make sure it actually looks good on you instead of just wearing it because everyone else is.

5. Not Fitting Right

Make sure your clothes fit you. Don?t wear skin-tight t-shirts if you have a belly. Don?t wear baggy jeans that make you look like a little kid. Make sure the sleeves on your button-down shirts start at the top of your shoulders, not at your triceps. Not only will wearing good-fitting clothes make your physique look better, it shows women that you are an adult man and you know to dress yourself.


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