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My Favorite Place to Meet Women

And Why You Should Go There

There was a period a few years after college ended where it seemed I could go weeks without seeing a woman throughout the course of my day.

I worked as a paint contractor, and unless I happened to be painting a young single woman?s house, my day largely consisted of socializing with my co-workers, all of which were men. Many of my friends were in relationships, so it was getting harder and harder to find friends I could drag out with me to the bars and clubs each weekend. Not to mention, I was increasingly getting bored and tired of bars and clubs.

So what does a 26-year-old guy do to meet chicks?

Luckily I stumbled onto an amazing place to meet women (for guys out of college)

Young Professional Networking Events

I consider these to be a hidden goldmine of opportunity for guys with a bit of game. Just do a Google search for ?young professionals [and your state]? and you?ll find that there are probably dozens of different groups all having different sorts of networking and fundraising events throughout the month.

What to do when you get there

There are several reasons that these events are so great for meeting women. Above all, most of the women that attend these events go there alone. They go there with the sole purpose of networking and talking to people. This means that you won’t find groups of girls talking amongst themselves unwilling to socialize outside their clique.

Another reason that these events are really great for meeting women is that the women have much less of a defense mechanism up. Unlike a bar where a woman is likely to get hit on by dozens of drunk men, and begins to put her ?bitch shield? up, at these events the women tend to be much more open to talking to you (duh, that?s what they?re there for).

But the reason that I?ve found these events to be so great for picking up women is because most of the guys there are boring the women silly with ?business talk.?? his means that if you can create a fun, flirtatious conversation with her, she is going to be relieved not be listening to another mortgage broker telling her about the housing market.

If you can make small talk sexy, you?re in. (click here for conversation secrets?)

Some Tips for Making Them Work

I?ve have been to quite a few of these networking events over the years, and I wanted to share some quick tips for turning ?meetup? into dates.

1. Play the Role of ?Mayor?

This just means that you want to become the guy who is introducing people to each other. The reason you want to do this is because everyone that goes to these events feels sort of uncomfortable. If you can be the guy making everyone feel comfortable, you?ll be in a position of power, and people will want to be around you.

It also makes it easier to get a woman to the ?after party.?

2. Talk Up the ?After Party?

Any time I attend one of these events my goal is usually to grab a few people and get them to bounce to another location for more drinks. The reason I do this is because at the initial event a lot of people have on their ?professional mask? and it isn’t until you get them away from the event that they feel comfortable taking it off.

The reason I advised being ?the mayor? is because it will be easier to get a woman to head for drinks with you after the event if there are a few of you going. This makes her feel more comfortable going somewhere with a guy she just met.

3. Take the Conversation Away from Business

Just because the event is centered on business networking does not mean everyone wants to spend the whole time listening to you talk about your job. Instead, try to quickly get the conversation to a fun and playful level.

4. Email Her Immediately

The great thing about networking events is that you?re almost guaranteed to get the woman?s phone number because half the purpose of the event is to pass out your contact information. So now that you?ve had a great conversation with her and established yourself as a flirt, shoot her a flirtatious email to keep you in her mind.

I hope I?ve convinced you that these young professional events are worth giving a shot. And don?t worry if you don?t consider yourself a young professional, it really doesn?t make a difference what you do for a living.

For a complete course on creating fun, playful, ‘sexy’ conversations, check out: Conversation Escalation: Make Small Talk Sexy

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