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5 Worst First Date Ideas

You?re Asking For Trouble With These

At Dicarlo Coaching, we strive to cover all aspects of male-female romantic relationships. The first date is a crucial step in getting to know a woman, and can make, or break, your chances. Dating is plagued by conventional wisdom, which I?ve learned, is usually wrong. Let?s look at some common mistakes guys make when thinking of what to do on a first date.

1. Fancy Dinner

This is my nightmare. Not only are you breaking your wallet to feed another adult you barely know, but it?s completely unnecessary and will actually hurt your chances of getting intimate later. I?ve found that the more I spend on a woman, the less likely I am to sleep with her.

I haven?t kept scientific records of this, but it?s a trend I?ve definitely noticed. I think the reason is that it kills her sense of respect when a guy tries too hard to impress her (i.e. by spending a lot of money), and it puts the guy in the provider/boyfriend category. When a guy is in this category, a woman will withhold sex to leverage more favors and attention from the man.

2. Movie

Stay away from the movies

I?m a big movie buff, and I?ve broken this rule many times, but only because there was a movie I really wanted to see. The problem with going to the movies on the first date is that you can?t talk to each other. Most women will agree that this is not a good idea.

3. Pretentious ?Culture?

I love museums, but I don?t take women to museums to impress them. I would never take a woman to the ballet or opera or a wine-tasting event unless I really wanted to go. Being overly cultured and pretentious sabotages your chances because it kills a woman?s respect for you.

4. Too Intense Outdoors Stuff

A lot of my clients are big outdoorsy type guys. As successful, motivated men, they like to do things like hiking, mountain-biking, rock-climbing etc. These are great hobbies to share with women, but not on the first date. The reason why is because it may be too physically demanding. She will get tired, sweaty, and discouraged. If she is an outdoorsy chick, then by all means go hiking. But even then, make sure it?s a light hike so that you can talk instead of huffing and puffing the whole time.

Also, make sure you don?t go anywhere too secluded. You want a woman to feel relaxed and safe, not worrying about you killing her in the middle of the woods (I know that sounds crazy, but this is a real concern women have).

5. Completely Unrelated To Your Life or Experience

In general, think of activities that have some relevance to your life. Don?t go to some random restaurant on the other side of town. Go to a local spot that you know has good food, and is easy to find. Don?t go to an art exhibit that you have absolutely no interest in. Instead, watch your favorite sports team at a local bar. Be real, and don?t try to impress her. Share a fun, relaxed experience, and get to know her!

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