Curiosity is Your Most Powerful Tool with Women

Use It Correctly

When it comes to meeting and dating women, guys usually have the wrong focus. Instead of learning about the woman, guys focus on themselves; more accurately, guys focus on proving themselves to the woman. This is bad, because the harder you appear to try, the more you undermine your own inherent value as a man.

If you want to learn how to sleep with women, you need to do things differently.

Think about when someone tries really hard to convince you of something. You don?t believe them, and will probably get annoyed! This is exactly what happens when a woman meets a guy who is trying to impress her. Instead, focus on her.

Surface Level

Men seem to be scared to ask normal questions, as if this is too dull. I always start with simple questions. The difference is, I follow up with deeper questions, and I?m able to talk about myself so that the conversation doesn?t become an interview. Some basic questions to ask a women early in the conversation:

Where are you from?

What do you do?

What do/did you study?

What are you up to today?

How was your weekend?

Answer Your Own Questions

Don’t be bashful

It?s easy to get stuck asking a train of questions. The problem is, in order for her to feel comfortable talking about herself, you must talk about yourself. It?s called a conversation! Imagine you went to a pool with someone you barely knew, to go for a swim. The other person tells you to jump in, but won?t jump in themselves. You would feel very uncomfortable with this. It?s the same in a conversation; if she is quiet or aloof, try answering the questions you ask her, without her prompting you. It?s an easy way to set her at ease and get her talking.

Good Questions

Good questions are focused on how she thinks and feels, about whatever the topic is. If you are discussing food, ask her favorite restaurant and why. Act like a 5 year old – ask her why, but in different ways. Give her hypothetical scenarios, silly and serious:


If you could be any? animal what would you be?

If you could play any movie role, what would it be?

What?s your favorite place to visit? Childhood memory?

What?s your opinion on _____?

Her Body

A great way to create a sexual vibe in a conversation is to be curious about her body, because your interest in her body is what makes you different from just another platonic guy friend. Ask her if she works out, what she does to relax, where her favorite places are to be massaged, kissed, if she likes to be squeezed, or prefers more gentle touching from a man. Often, she?ll act demure and refuse to answer if your question is too sexual. That?s OK – don?t push. If you get a shy response, just change the subject. It doesn?t mean that she doesn?t like you or that you screwed up. It just means she?s not ready to talk that way with you yet – but she will probably secretly like that you are interested in her sexually.

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