How to Destroy a Sure Thing

Don?t Blow It

I?ve done it many times: a girl liked me, and everything was going smoothly, and then I blew it by trying to game her.

It?s funny ? guys get nervous when a woman checks them out. This makes no sense. If a woman gives a guy signals, his job is done. All he has to do is walk over and say hi, because she already likes him. But often guys get nervous as if they now have to impress her.

Wrong Focus


Whether she gives you a signal to approach or not, you should never focus on impressing a woman. Not only will she notice and get turned off, but you?ll miss out on the real goal ? getting to know her as a person. When you can learn about a woman ? how she thinks, what excites her, what turns her on ? you will know how to make her smile, make her horny, make her want you even more.

This is the goal ? to light up a woman?s emotions. This is what is exciting to us guys. I love knowing that a woman feels great with me. In order to achieve this, I must learn about how she operates mentally and emotionally.

Talking About Yourself Too Much


Guy and girl chatting

This is what happens when you focus on impressing women. There is nothing more annoying than someone who is self-obsessed. When a woman sees that you aren?t curious about her, she knows you will be boring and selfish in bed. Yup, you read that right.

Also, she feels left out of the conversation ? she wants to express herself too! If she can?t, she will feel like she?s sitting on the bench for the big game!

Ask Too Many Questions

On the flip-side, turning the conversation into an interview gets stale fast. She wants to learn about you as well. Asking too many questions comes off try-hard. Let the conversation breathe. The best conversation thread is silence.

Clumsy Logistics


This is just a fancy way of saying you didn?t plan out the date properly, or you were clumsy when you tried to pull her back to your place. The easy way to pull is simply to say you?re having fun with her, and invite her to get some food after the bar/club. Tell her that her friends can come too, to set her at ease.

A good date should include two venues, with the second one being close to your place, and having a non-sexual reason to go back to your place at the end of the night (a movie, a photo album, music, etc).

If you don?t capitalize on a woman?s interest, without getting sidetracked by trying to impress her, you?ll be able to make the most of your sexual opportunities.

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