Let’s Talk About Sex

Time to Get Serious

The big ugly truth is that most of us are not as comfortable as we would like to be when it comes to sex.

This has to do with many things. Bad experiences, concerns about being big enough, good enough, lasting long enough are definitely a problem for many of us. As if this wasn?t enough, religion and society teamed up to make us belief that sex was wrong. That it?s bad.

Talking sex

I?m not different. For many reasons ranging from being concerned about not being big enough to being tied on a bed and photographed by two girls from my school, sex has always been frustrating for me and made me feel uncomfortable and inadequate.

A couple of months ago, I decided to do anything it would take in order to overcome this uneasiness towards sex and I?m glad to say I witnessed dramatic changes. Basically it involved doing two things.

Firstly, educating myself.

I started reading any book I could find concerning sex. From understanding my own sexuality to learning how to pleasure women. And believe me, there is A LOT of information out there. To be honest, I now realise how clueless I was regarding sex and how bad I was in bed.

This really helped me get rid of my silly concerns and made me a lot more confident and competent regarding sex.

The second thing I started doing was talking about sex. And I started talking about sex A LOT. With friends, with strangers, with workmates, anyone. I even recorded a humorous video clip of myself describing my very first sexual encounter which nearly everyone I know watched, that?s how determined I was.

I would flirt with elderly women at work (in a humorous way of course…) and send cheesy text messages to girlfriends of mine. I went as far as telling my mother about the first time I gave a girl a squirting orgasm. Which she then told all my family…

The truth is, all this became very entertaining. And made me realize how sex was such a HYPNOTIC conversation topic.

It?s just as if everyone wanted to talk about it but would contain themselves in fear of coming off as dirty. Sex captivates people?s attention big time. It makes really interesting conversations, it?s funny and it?s filled with sexual tension. By itself, this makes it worth talking about.

However, it does not end there.

Talking about sex sub-communicates that you are a sexual being, which leads to more sex and it will make you much more comfortable with it, which leads to better sex.

That?s my story. What?s yours going to be?

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About Olly G. Obsessive about understanding how people think and why they do what they do, Olivier started studying psychology and human relations in general. He believes writing is a beautiful way to synthesise information in order to get a deeper understanding of things and share it with others.

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