Unhappy? You Deserve What You Get

Every once in a while it?s healthy to have your colon cleansed. Likewise, every once in a while it?s good to have someone over the internet reach through your monitor to kick your ass into gear and motivate you to take action.

Because guess what: If you?re not happy right now then you simply haven?t taken enough massive action to change your life.

Yup. It?s true. Sorry, tough love.

If you?re not happy with your fitness, your love life, your financial success, or your lifestyle, the only person to blame is you. Sure you can cry about your genetics or your ?limiting beliefs? or whatever cop-out is popular these days.

It's your own fault

But what it comes down to is that YOU weren?t willing to change, YOU weren?t willing to stop making excuses, and so YOU are the one who will never enjoy the success you really want.

Go ahead and say I?m an asshole. Go ahead and leave me a nasty comment. Go ahead and pretend you didn?t just read the words above and pretend you can ignore the fact that you know the reason you?re mad is because it?s true.

YOU got yourself into the situation you?re in, and so only YOU can get yourself out it.

Maybe your situation is a year-long dry spell with women. Maybe your situation is 30 extra pounds hanging over your belt buckle. Maybe your situation is insurmountable credit card debt.

Or maybe your situation is less obvious. Maybe you?re ?settling? for girls who don?t truly excite you. Maybe you?re bored every day working at a non-exciting job.

You don?t need me to point out your inadequacies. You know what they are.

See, most self-help gurus and motivation speakers won?t ?go here.? They won?t show you who?s really responsible for your problems, or they?ll sugarcoat it so it doesn?t ?hurt? as much.

Guess what: the little discomfort you?re experiencing reading this article is far less than the excruciating pain you?ll find yourself in if you keep living the way you are. You think your job is boring now? Wait until you wake up 10 years from now! Think those 30 extra pounds are embarrassing now? Wait until it becomes 100 extra pounds along with the health problems in tow!

Awww? is reading an article encouraging you to take responsibility for yourself too much? Does baby want a bottle? Fuck you if you can?t handle it. If this article offends you, if this article hurts, if this article is ?too much,? then you deserve your shitty lifestyle. So enjoy looking forward to the absolute nightmare your life is going to be as you continue to NOT take responsibility for yourself.

And don?t say I didn?t warn you.

Because you know what: ?nice? advice just hasn?t worked for you up until this point. I?m sure you?ve already tried to make a change in your life. Maybe you read some self-help books or Googled for some answers.

And it probably didn?t work. Why? Because you?re facing your problems with a half-assed, sugarcoated approach. You?re not looking your situation in the square in the eye and admitting that ONLY YOU can solve it. You want to pretend that things are going to magically solve themselves.

This ain?t Disney, dawg.

If you want to keep ignoring your problems, ignoring your pain, and ignoring your responsibility, then you?re fucked. There?s no better word to describe it. You?re simply fucked.

A few years from now, you?re going to be WISHING things were ?only as bad? as they were when you read this article. By then, your life is going to be so far from good that your situation now will actually seem like a relief.

And you know how you feel right now.

So, you have to make a choice. Are you going to step the fuck up and do whatever it takes to get your life handled? Or are you going to sit back and keep doing the half-assed, sugarcoated stuff that doesn?t do shit?

Hey man, like I already said: it?s YOUR responsibility. I?m just some guy writing to you over the internet. I can?t get inside your body and make you do what you know you need to do. I can only kick you in the ass and hope you finally come to grips with how serious your situation actually is.

Your problems aren?t going away. And a fairy godmother isn?t going to come down and solve them for you. Either you acknowledge the situation you?re in HERE and NOW and do whatever you need to do to improve it.

Or you deserve every ounce of misery you feel for the rest of your life.

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About Rob J. Rob J. is a writer and dating instructor in New York City. Themes that resonate in both his teaching and writing are masculinity, genuineness, rational self-interest, and general awesomeness.

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