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How to Close the Deal

Coffee Is For Closers

This is one of the top three problems my clients ask me about. ?How do I close the deal?? For a lot of guys, it?s no problem meeting and talking to women, and even getting them back home. That?s where their trouble starts: they get nervous and don?t know what to do.

Close that deal!

I used to struggle with this too. See, I?m a guy that thinks way too much. it plays to my advantage – for example, I?m able to write about this subject because I?m very analytical – but it also gets in my way. I tend to overthink things. So I?ve figured out ways to use my analytical mind to my advantage. I use my mind to turn myself on, and get revved up, so to speak.

And that?s the key to making your move when you get a woman alone – you must be turned on, to the point where you want her so bad that you just take over. (Disclaimer: if a woman says ?no? or seems scared of you, back off, or you deserve every horrible thing that happens to you if you cross the line.)

Fear of Women

Let?s think about this. A woman is smaller than you, has less muscle than you (and so is physically weaker), she is more emotionally sensitive, and her physiology is that of the receptor – the soft warmth that takes your strong hard penetration.

So why would you be scared of such a being? Well, it comes down to rejection. For most men, disapproval from the opposite sex is a huge blow to their ego. They?ll repress their desires just to avoid rejection. But worrying about rejection means that you see a woman as an authority on who you are and how you should be. But … she?s a woman! She doesn?t know what it?s like to be a man, so she can?t be an authority on what you should do.

Be a man and go for what you want. After all, that?s what she really wants!

She Wants You Too

What guys seem to forget is that women are just as horny as we are. The difference is men are like switches and women are like knobs. They get turned on gradually, but in the back of their mind, all the time, is sex. I know this because I get text messages all day from women revealing their horniness. Here are some examples:

?Send me a pic of that amazing dick? (btw my dick is not that amazing – it?s the emotional connection she has with it, er, me.)

?Thinking about you, so turned on.?

?I miss you papi?

?I miss your touch?

?So when are we gonna chill again?????

Women are horny. Accept it, and accept that they are not going to be obvious at first. They want to feel wanted. So they will play the passive role to get you to be aggressive. That way, she can a) see if you?re a real man, and b) feel wanted, which c) turns her on!

Take Over

Like I said, a woman wants you to go for what you want. I hear women say that all the time: ?I like a man who knows what he wants and goes for it.? What does this mean? It means that when you want something, or want to do something, you do it.

This is the essence of man – the striving, thrusting, penetrating, that comes from your soul. Women use this as the gauge for how much of a man you are (in other words, it?s not about your wallet or dick – it?s about your character). Even if she rejects your advances, she?ll still respect the fact that you went for it. I have a saying: she may not accept me, but she will respect me.

Your Move

Here are some examples of how to get intimate when you get a woman alone:

– As soon as you walk in to your place (or hers), grab her hips from behind, and start kissing and nuzzling her neck. She?ll probably turn and kiss your lips.

– As you sit on the couch, pick her legs up and put them on your lap. Rub her feet and calves. Lock eyes with her, pull her in and kiss her.

– Pick her up and throw her over your shoulder. Take her to the bedroom, and GENTLY lay her down. Get on top of her and kiss her.

– Pull your dick out at a random time and tell her to hold on for dear life (just kidding…or am I?)

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Eliminate Your Inner
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This free training course shows you how to finally break free of your “nice guy” habits ruining your sex life.

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