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How to Always Get a Girl to Text Back


Guys ask me all the time, “Alex what should I text this girl?” “Alex, why is she not texting back?” “Alex, how should I ask her on a date?”

Look, I have bad news for anyone who has thought these questions to themselves: There is no such thing as text game. You cannot create attraction with a girl through smileys and text. Period.

It’s easy to get a response if you do it right

Yes, there are certain things you can say that might pique her interest or curiosity in meeting you. But they are all EXTREMELY hit or miss with the odds stacked against you most of the time. Unless you want to play a slanted game every time you text a girl I suggest you listen up because I am about to reveal how to play on easy mode.

This might seem strange, but your text/phone game chances for success are actually completely determined before you actually get the number and then how you behave after you receive it. This is a DUH comment, but the very best way to get a girl texting you back is to actually make connection and getting her to like you. However, this is not always possible or there just so much going on during a night out that she forgets how in love you guys were. Well, I have some incredibly simple tips to dramatically increase your success.

Texting Tips

First off, actually talk to the girl and sink into her memory. What most guys do not understand is that girls give their numbers out like used toilet paper because they are in a fun party mood. The next day they then wake up and the night before is a total haze. This means unless you stand out, your going to get lost in the commotion. Because of this when you text her she is not going to want to take the time or energy to get to know you since your a stranger. Take some time to become actual person in her mind instead just a random guy from last night.

My favorite way to make sure I stand out is to put us in a pair mentality. This does not mean asking her to be my girlfriend at the bar, so do not go crazy. I will say things like:

“You’re my new trophy wife.”

“Haha, okay we are gonna rob a bank together.”

“Okay, you’re my new body guard for the night.”

Yes, I know. This sounds dumb. However, the next day when she gets a text saying “What’s up trophy wife?” or “Hey, I just stole a car time to go rob that bank,” she instantly knows who is texting her and remembers the fun we were having the night before. On top of this it instantly leads into a fun conversation, instead of the usual awkward text messages most guys send.

My final word of advice, is keep it short and simple. So far, you have made a connection with her, you have piqued her interested with something interesting. All you really have to do is make plans to meet up. A huge mistake I see most guys make is they just keep texting … and texting … and texting.

Eventually, they say something stupid or the girl gets bored and does something else. So save yourself the headache and take action like a manly man. Cut chase and make plans.

Now, I lied,  this will not actually cause every single girl to text back. However, if you meet girls and actually get to know them, put yourself in a flirty pair mentality, and keep it simple I guarantee you will improve your success on getting girls to respond to your text and meet up with you. If that does not work try adding them on Facebook and messaging them till they block you… =D

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About Alex Becker

Alex Becker is a dating coach and writer with a huge knowledge base in PUA, psychology, and social dynamics. He currently spends most of his time focusing on teaching college aged men how to naturally improve their success with women. In his free time he enjoys playing guitar, building websites, and his dog Chewbacca.

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  1. Dr. Jeremy

    April 19, 2011 at 6:58 pm

    Nice tip. It’s interesting when I read them though, how many psychological levers are really being pulled by a few simple words.

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    June 22, 2012 at 2:55 am

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