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Three Great Date Ideas

I?ve gotten pretty good at coming up with fun, interesting date ideas for women I meet. My mindset is that I don?t want to impress her, or pressure her, but instead interact with her in a relaxed, positive environment. This way we can laugh together, talk, and share a new positive experience. Here are some of my favorites.


1. Dive Bar with Pool or Old Video Games

I?m no pool shark, but that?s a good thing. If I was an expert pool player, that might be intimidating.

Tasting on a date

Most women are not that great at pool, and are a little shy at first. I set them at ease by admitting that I?m not great, but I can teach them how to hold their own. Pool is fun because it?s competitive in a fun way, and gives me an opportunity to teach her something physical.

I also like old fashioned video games ? the big ones that take quarters. They are fun because of the retro appeal. I like games like Golden Tee, Bowling (can?t remember the exact name) or hunting games where we are both shooting plastic orange guns at virtual wildlife.


2. Greasy Spoon Restaurant

I like hole-in-the-wall grub spots because, again, it?s a new experience we can share. It?s also cheap, which conveys I?m not trying to impress her ? I?m being real.

Eating together is a standard mating ritual for men and women. NYC has a ton of great hidden gems to explore with a new lady-friend. One thing ? I always assume that I will pay for her meal. I don?t mind, since it?s cheap, and I think this makes sense because it was my idea to ask her out.

After the first couple dates, I?ll expect the woman to pay for herself, or even offer to pay for my half. Typically a woman with a job and a modern sensibility about dating will like the idea of taking YOU out!


3. Free/Cheap Event ? Festival, Art Showing, Etc.


Be on the lookout for free events. Beer tastings, free live music shows at local bars, and art festivals are great places to take women on a date (or you can go alone and meet new women!) This will be a new experience you can share together, but without any pressure.

Also, it allows you and her to talk as well as move around, incorporating an element of physicality to your experience.

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