Four Questions About Anti-Keylogging Software

After listening to a friend tell me a story about how his ex girlfriend used keylogging software to steal all his passwords and read all of his emails, I began to decide that I needed to do some research into how to prevent this.

Nick Budden work in the cyber security industry with SpyReveal anti keylogger, a software that helps to keep a guy?s computer activities under the radar and off prying eyes. I spoke with him about anti-keylogging software.

1.?What are some signs your girlfriend, wife, or roommate might be spying on your computer?

Cute doesn't mean you can trust 'em

Although a keylogger can be installed remotely while browsing the internet, usually from visiting a malicious website or opening a bad email attachment, when someone you know is spying on you they usually install the keylogger by hand. If your girlfriend, wife, or roommate has had even a few minutes alone with your computer, this was more than enough time to install a hidden keylogger on your computer.

The biggest clue that your girlfriend, wife, or roommate might be spying on your computer is if they seem to have knowledge of your computer activities that they could not have without spying. For example, what websites you visited, what you said to your friends in a chat, the contents of an email, or even your usernames and passwords for different websites. We see a lot of cases, particularly ex-girlfriends/wives, who tease a man with the fact that they seemingly know every detail about what?s going on in the man?s life, while he remains clueless as to how she could have come to know such things. If this is the case, and your girlfriend/wife seems to know quite a lot more than they should, then you likely have a keylogger installed in your computer.

2.? Exactly how easy is it for someone to spy on you?

It is unbelievably easy for someone to spy on you. Simply by navigating to a website like, searching for ?keylogger? and clicking ?install? someone could be spying on your computer within a matter of minutes. Keyloggers can be installed manually via a USB as well, again in only 2 or 3 minutes.

Our most important piece of advice for any man looking to protect his privacy is never to leave someone you do not trust alone with your computer, because even a quick trip to the bathroom could leave your computer infected. Your computer should always be password protected so that when it?s out of your sight nobody will be able to open it up and install a keylogger, because once it?s on your system a keylogger is extremely difficult to remove. Most anti-virus software, including the leaders such as Norton and Symatec, simply can?t see a keylogger on your computer and your partner could be spying on you for months or in some cases even years without your knowledge.

3.? Any good horror stories involving girlfriends, wives, or anything?similar?

While most people prefer to keep the fact that they?ve been spied on private, cyberstalking from an ex, a girlfriend, or your wife is a common?problem for many men with a jealous other half. Men like to keep their experiences under wraps, but below is one girl?s story about how a cyberstalking ex-boyfriend infiltrated her computer in an attempt to control her life, and we?ve found that men?s stories with jealous partners are often just as invasive:

?Dear SpyReveal,

My emotionally troubled, now ex-boyfriend, had installed [a keylogger] on my computer.?He would send me nasty emails laughing that there was no way I could get it off and erase incoming emails and other files.?I had no idea how to eradicate it.?I tried another program, but it didn?t find anything. When I tried yours, it found it!

Then you helped me disable it and remove it from my system quickly.?Your program has lifted such a weight off my shoulders.?For those of us who are victims of what I consider a crime, you have done for me what even law enforcement couldn?t.?Thank you, thank you, thank you!

-C. P.?

4. How exactly does your software protect a guy from having his entire relationship?blow up?

An overly jealous partner is something no man wants to deal with. But just how jealous is your partner really? Is she really spying on you, or is that just in your head? If you think your partner might have gone overboard and is spying on you on your computer, but you?re not quite sure, SpyReveal will help you get to the bottom of things by proving once and for all if you’re being spied on. If you do find that you’re being spied on, SpyReveal will remove the keylogger from your computer, stop the spy, and you might just be able to save the relationship.

If a relationship has gotten to the point that one partner is spying on the other, it may be time to call it quits. However, just because you suspect that your girlfriend/wife is spying on you doesn?t mean she actually is, and it?s important to be sure with?SpyReveal?anti keylogger before making any wrong moves. If you have an ex you think might be prone to cyber-stalking, a keylogger scanner like SpyReveal is an absolute must, as we?ve heard stories of people discovering a hidden keylogger installed by a jealous ex years after the fact.

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