How to be Attractive to Women

I?m going to begin with the basics, loads of guys think that looks are the main component of being attractive, this is totally WRONG! In reality the only significant difference between a really handsome guy engaging a woman and a not so handsome guy doing the very same, is around 30 seconds.

The good-looking guy gets 30 extra seconds at the beginning of meeting somebody new, that?s it, if he cannot give a woman a reason to keep talking to him in that time he will be discarded alongside all the other uglier men.

On that note, the top 6 tips:

1. Make the Most of What You Have

Attract her the right way

Now you may not be the best looking man on earth but that doesn?t matter to a large portion of women after the first minute or so. Women do however find it desirable if a man looks after himself. Wear outfits that fit well, shave, style your hair and in my opinion the most important, cut and clean your fingernails. (A guy who doesn?t clean his hands and nails gives off the impression he may not clean other more intimate things, are you with me?)

2. Show Her You Have Drive

This is a significant one no woman strives to be with a man who is comfortable working in Subway on minimum wage. Not to say that there?s something wrong with working in Subway, but if you do, show some ambition, strive to be the best sandwich artist in your store, show that you desire a leadership role. If you don?t desire these things then have an outside ambition. Break a world record or learn how to play the guitar. Having goals and achieving them (or at least striving to accomplish them) is sexy to women. You don?t have to be successful. You just have to show the potential to be successful.

3. Be Understanding


In some cases the old sayings are well known for a reason, this is one that I have noticed being especially relevant lately. Women love a guy who can pay attention, it is a very attractive characteristic to possess. I?m not speaking about pretending to listen, but to actually hear and understand what she is saying is very attractive. Let her know you understand where she is coming from; emphasize any commonalities in humor, world views, morals, culture, background. Remember commonalities = connection. The more obscure the thing that you connect on the more chemistry you create.

4. Other Women Want You

Have you ever had a girlfriend and noticed that you get more interest from women? This takes place for two reasons. The first is that you happen to be already chosen by a woman, and women want what other women have. It?s the exact same reason that every girl you know owns a pair of UGG boots. Everybody else has them so she must possess them. Showing that women have already selected you eliminates your availability as a result increasing demand for you.

5. Display a Lack of Neediness

The second reason this happens is that because you already have a woman, when you interact with women they can sense that you are not trying to get into their pants. This makes you a more valuable person as simply having a girlfriend passively shows a lot of my previous points automatically. Women can tell when you are trying to get into their pants, don?t for one minute think that they can?t.

6. Have an Appealing Lifestyle

Do things that you enjoy, if you like to rollerblade, go rollerblading or join a roller derby team. Doing things that you enjoy is attractive to women, if you have an appealing life that you can bring her into, it has got to better than sitting on your sofa watching you eat curry every night. This is common sense and yet a lot of guys get stuck in this uninteresting rut where they literally do NOTHING. Do fun stuff, girls wanna have fun.

So there you have it, 6 things that women find attractive in men. You don?t have to do all of these things however the more you tick off your checklist, the greater your results are going to be.

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