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3 Hobbies to Make You a More Attractive Guy

When a guy lives an active lifestyle, doing things he is passionate about, women take notice. In fact, the number one most attractive thing a man can do is be passionate about something (that comes from our research for Pandora?s Box).

The problem is a lot of guys are stuck in jobs they don?t particularly like. And in this economy, it can be very hard to quit and find something you truly enjoy. Hell, figuring out what you?re passionate about is a challenge in itself. My advice is to try a lot of different things, and see if you get any ideas. In the process, you?ll have more experiences, meet new people, and have things you can share and talk about with women!

1. Volunteer

Get out and volunteer

I?ve heard guys lie about volunteering to impress women. I won?t pass judgment on that ? I know I?ve done my share of lying too. The irony is, if instead of telling a girl you volunteer by walking dogs at the pound, you actually did volunteer at the dog pound, you?d probably meet a ton of women there! Volunteering gives you a lot to talk about, and makes you instantly dominant, because you look like a selfless leader, and that?s what dominance is about ? leadership.

When I tell women stories from my volunteering efforts, not only do they see me as a good guy, they respect my passion for helping others. On top of all this, they feel more at ease, because they see that I have morals and I?m not out to get over on people.

2. Play Sports

You?ll notice that all the hobbies I list are great ways to meet women in themselves. Playing sports in adult coed (men and women) leagues is awesome for that. But also, telling a woman about your last soccer game conveys that you are in good shape, physically active (which indicates you?d probably be good in bed), and you can work with others on a team.

This is really effective because women are screening you based on evolutionarily advantageous traits. You?re ability to work with a team and compete is analogous to being a hunter in the tribe. In our human and pre-human history, women would select the best hunters as mates. I know it sounds like a stretch, but just try it and see the response you get when you tell women you play a sport.

3. Dance

I tell most of my clients to get involved in dance because it does three things. First, it makes you more in touch with your body, and you will be a better dancer when you go out to a club. Second, it is a great way to meet women. Third, when you tell a woman that you dance, you immediately look like a guy that a) can commit to something, and b) you know how to move your body. A bonus is that whatever dance you do is something you can share with a woman you are dating ? you can take her salsa dancing or whatever. If she already does the kind of dance you do, figuring out what to do on the first or second date is a no-brainer.

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This free training course shows you how to finally break free of your “nice guy” habits ruining your sex life.

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