The Best Kissing Techniques

Kissing is a fine art. But it?s not an art that obeys rules. I can only get you started. But to be a great kisser you must develop your own style. Here?s some tips to get you started, and take you to the next level.

Other Than Her Lips

I like to kiss women in places other than their lips when I start to get frisky. In fact, I often greet women by kissing them on the forehead. Note: I don?t like to kiss the cheek ? for some reason this has a platonic feel, which I avoid like the plague. If I do kiss a woman?s cheek, I move slow, and suck on her skin a little more than a platonic friend would.

When I first move in on a woman to make out, I like to start on her shoulders or arms and slowly move up to behind her ears. Often, before I get there, she?ll turn and find my lips.

The female body is so beautiful and exciting to me. I?d be happy kissing a woman?s toes. And I?ve started there before. I?ve approached women by kissing them on their thighs. I don?t do this all the time, but when I feel like the vibe is right, I get in their. Kissing women is fun and it makes them feel great!

Lick Her

Do what feels right!

A great way to get intimate with a woman is licking her neck. Slowly move in, touch your nose to her neck, and slowly lick her neck. Women?s necks are beautiful and very sensitive. With long, gentle, slow licks, you?ll notice her breathing heavy and getting turned on. Take some time to lick her neck.

Try licking the wrist-side of her arm. Try licking her back, or lifting up her shirt and licking her tummy and ribs. No rules! If you are cuddling on the couch, and you find your head near her abdomen area, lift her shirt slightly, and start kissing, licking, and sucking. Female skin is yummy. Don?t be ashamed of your desire. You evolved to be this way for a reason!

Eye Kisses

My favorite way to kiss a woman is with my eyes. That may sound strange, but when you get it down, I?m sure you?ll agree. Kissing a woman with your eyes means looking at her, focused – completely focused – no fear, no shyness, no shame. You can look at her eyes, and kiss them with your gaze. You can also let your eyes wander around her body and lick her every detail with your masculine focus.

Try locking eyes with a woman, and sending a message through your gaze. Look at her, and with you your eyes, say ?I love you so much, I want to lick every inch of you.? Women can feel your passion. Think about this:

If you touch a woman with no passion, it doesn?t matter how much you touch her.
If you look at a woman with passion, you don?t even need to touch her. But she?ll want you to, desperately.

Here are 9 more types of kisses that drive her wild.


It?s OK to objectify a woman, with love. What I mean is, if you look at a woman as an object of desire – a body that exists for your enjoyment – she?ll love it, as long as it?s with love and not the intention to hurt. My biggest turn on is knowing that a woman feels good and is happy. I like to look at my woman and know that she feels amazing, and that her mind is empty because she?s feeling so much she can?t think.

This should be your goal. Use your intuition. Use your teeth. Bite her. Grab her. Throw her. Shake her out of her mind and make her body feel. Do this with your eyes, by showing your desire. Do this with your lips by sucking on her skin, her lips, so that she feels how much you crave her. Use your hands, lips, tongue, teeth, and eyes. This is how to kiss.

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