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How To Triple Her Orgasm Intensity


In this lesson you’re going to discover the most powerful tool for unlocking screaming orgasms from your girl, so get ready! What it is is actually quite surprising because it’s NOT having a huge penis. It’s NOT some crazy sexual position. And it’s NOT a pill, a toy, or a special “spot” technique.

Nope. The most powerful tool for unlocking screaming orgasms from your girl is actually… HER BRAIN. I know I know, this is starting to sound cheesy… but bare with me =)

Here’s the deal: As I’m sure you know, for men sexual pleasure is MOSTLY physical.

You see a hot woman, great ass, nice breasts, and a pretty face, and these “assets” of hers trigger a biological signal to your body that makes you want to be intimate with her. You don’t care what kind of car she drives, what she does for a living, or even if she can speak!

Old news right? Ok, let’s move on…

One simple move

So … for a woman, the biological “trigger” for sexual pleasure is VERY DIFFERENT. Your girl isn’t staring at your chest, your legs, or your manhood. In fact, even if she’s staring at Brad Pitt, yes, she’s going to find him attractive … but women never get that same URGE that men do. So what DOES trigger that biological response in a woman? It’s when you make her FEEL a certain way. Put more simply…


Women THRIVE on emotions.

Unlocking your girls emotions — and being able to influence her emotions in bed — is extremely important for female pleasure. ESPECIALLY when it comes to giving a woman what she really wants… mind-blowing, body-shaking orgasms =) Here’s something most guys don’t realize: The female orgasms occurs when a woman is totally in the moment, and allows herself to surrender her emotions and control of her body to you.

Read that again. It’s important. The best lovers are can get INSIDE A WOMAN’S HEAD and make her feel very strong emotions during lovemaking. Any woman will tell you that her strongest orgasms are those that are the most emotional for her. Sure, physical orgasms such as the g-spot, deep spot, oral sex, and clitoral are great. However, the next level is being able to not only stimulate her to have physical orgasms … but AT THE SAME TIME involve HER BRAIN.

And THAT is when she’ll really be blown away. Sooo… the key to giving her these intensely stronger orgasms is to lead her to the emotions you want her to feel. And the first way to do it, is to … TALK her into her orgasm!

I don’t mean CONVINCE her into it. I mean lead her into it gently with your words.

As she is getting close to peaking (you can tell by: moving her hips up and down, moaning loudly, gets VERY wet, says she is about to come) gently encourage her in a low, slow voice by saying any of the following:

“Come for me baby.”

“Get really wet and come for baby.”

“Relax baby and come for me.”

Now, those lines may sound cheesy to you, but they work and here is why. For a woman to orgasm intensely she has to TOTALLY give up control of her body. When you give her this gentle reassurance that she CAN trust you and give up control, she will have an extremely intense orgasm.

It’s that simple. Enjoy this technique and remember, INTENSE ORGASMS start in her MIND.

P.S. If you want to get DOZENS of specific techniques for getting your woman “in the mood” quickly, how to get her to LOVE going down on you, ways to give her G-spot orgasms, Deep Spot orgasms, clitoral orgasms, and orgasms from penetration and even how to give her multiple orgasms and squirting orgasms, then I’d like to invite you to check out my 2 Girls Teach Sex DVDs.

If after going through them you don’t find that you are giving your girl the most INTENSE orgasms of her life (and you’re not enjoying the sex at least 2x as much) I’ll cheerfully refund every cent of your money, no questions asked! Obviously I couldn’t make this guarantee if I wasn’t certain they would work for you, so check them out here and see for yourself!

About Shawna Lenee

Shawnee Lee is a pornographic model and actress.

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  1. Jill

    November 18, 2012 at 4:53 pm

    This is the worst orgasm advice for men ever. As a woman, I can be totally turned on by a mans looks. I can also be turned off the minute he says the cheesy lines mentioned above. Its called a clitoris, slow and gentle, and thats it.

    • Tony

      March 26, 2013 at 4:27 am

      You come here and slate advice that actually works in different frameworks and parameters. Everybody reacts differently to certain stimuli. If the “cheesy” lines above dont work when you are aroused or “into the moment” there might be a different line that gets you to be a nympho savage. Also you don’t seem to know a lot about anatomy. A clitoris’s sensitivity varies according to its size, generally the smaller it is the more sensitive due to nerve concentration. I agree slow and gentle, just like you start up your 1.000.000 dollar car, with care, but with the intent of going harder as soon as you see the green light to do so (the signs, like Bobby referred, moaning, pushing the head towards her, etc.) You are woman, yet part of women nowadays seem to know less about their bodies than men do. Relax a bit more Jill, and don’t worry so much about what’s ideal. Maybe your sex life will improve LOL! Just let go for a bit. Geez

  2. victoria

    June 12, 2013 at 9:32 am

    This advice is dead on in my case. My husband never has a problem satisfying me for getting me to orgasm but when he talks to me and comforts me during the orgasm it makes it a billion times stronger. I found this thread when I was looking at the reasons as to why I get emotional after a strong orgasm.

  3. Lucky Winks

    June 24, 2015 at 12:48 am

    Fantastic advice for men of all ages! I’m a mature woman and I’m here to tell you that getting into a woman’s sexy mind, is like unlocking the key to Pandora’s box. Her brain is the sexy organ guys!

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