Basic Presentation Tips That Will Get You Laid

Now I know that guys all have different styles and what to look a certain way, I am lucky that I can pull off a lot of different looks without looking out of place but there are some basic things that all guys should do every day.

1. Make Sure Your Nails are Trimmed and Clean

It takes about 30 seconds to cut ad clean your nails, so fucking do it. Girls don?t often tell you that they notice this but in reality if they see a guy with dirty nails, what else of his is dirty? Another thing to take of is that if you have long spiky finger nails does she want that inside her? NAH!!

Although they cannot be seen, take care of your toe nails too. Nobody likes dragon claws. They can end a night prematurely if your talons scratch her on the wrong place.

2. Taking Care of the Little Things

I don?t need to tell you how to do these things but please take care of them, girls notice.

Nose Hairs ? Trim them, you can buy trimmers really cheap from bajillions of places, get one and take care of that shit.

Unibrows ? Trim it boys, the number of times my girl mates have rejected a guy because ?he looked like a caveman.?

Pubes ? Trim them too, it doesn?t take long and it makes your dick look bigger, BONUS.

3. Clothes

Don’t waste too much time

You do not have to spend a lot of money on clothes in order to look cool, I mean if you have money the take these tips and go nuts. But this is more for the guy who can?t afford ridiculously expensive shit.

4. The Fit Of Your Shirt

If you?re a skinny guy, do not wear baggy clothes. Slim guys look better in slim fitting clothes, especially shirts. Buy something tight and if you have long arms pull up the sleeves to just below your elbows. If you?re a fatter guy, do the exact opposite, wear something slightly baggy. Although do not try to hide your weight, it is not tricking anybody so if you have some junk. Wear a well fitted shirt rather than one that is 10 sizes too big, it shows that you are cool with your size, if you are girls will be too. FACT!

5. Shoes

Girls fucking love shoes, so if you are wearing them, make sure that they are clean. Nothing will dry her up quicker than a dirty pair of cheap shoes. I?ve said many time that expensive boots get you laid, it is completely true. The cooler your shoes are, the cooler she assumes you are.

6. Hair

Okay, I?m only gonna say this once, unless you are extremely good looking, DO NOT have long hair, it looks fucking stupid and girls don?t find it a turn on. Leave long hair for the girls. Styling your hair is a personal choice and I?m nor gonna go and list every type of style out there. What you are looking for is a style that doesn?t look overly styled (not shiny or too immaculately spikey) and can be done quickly. Your hair should not take more than 2 minutes of your time each day.

7. Wrists

I have noticed over the past couple of years that girls fucking love busy wrists, go out and grab a few key accessories to put around your wrist. Girls love to talk about them, so make up a story for each item to fall back on if you run out of shit to say. Also they look sexy as fuck.

8. In General

Try to look like you fit in. Dress the same as people that you think look cool, then change a thing or two here and there so you have a unique twist. You don?t want to be the same but you don?t want to be different either.


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