Problem Solved! Be a Nice Guy and Still Attract Girls

Look guys, there is one and only one secret to getting laid. BE A DICK. Yep, make conscious effort to treat every girl you meet like she?s nothing more than a masturbation sock. Make doubly sure to always talk louder than everyone else and always concentrate solely letting everyone in a room know that you are better than them. If there is even questions that you are not the most alpha, stubborn, and selfish person in a room…you will die a virgin. This is your new law.

It would really suck if that previous statement was true, right?

I know this sounds completely absurd, but a good majority of us are just good people. We make an effort to be nice to people and enjoy treating people we like with genuine affection. This is great because dicks get cheated on, lose friends and go out of style after college, so you already have a head start. There?s just one problem though:

The stereotypical nice guy does not get laid.

You don’t have to be this guy

So, how on earth can you stay true to being a genuinely good person and still remain irresistible to women? Is it even possible. The answer is yes, because the reason the nice guy does not get laid is NOT because he is nice to people. It is because of WHY he is nice to people, and the WHY is actually very selfish. You see, a nice is not nice to people because he cares about them or wants them to feel good, his real motives are actually much more self centered. A nice guy is nice because he WANTS peoples to like him and lacks the confidence to show his true personality. This ultimately results into a person that is as fake as the dick.

Picture a nice guy on a first date. Instantly he would start treating the girl like royalty and hold back anything that might offend her. He is basically being as much as a kiss-ass as he can be in hope that she will give him what he wants. You know who else has this same game plan? Car salesman. The nice guy creates this same creepy needy vibe as a sleazy car salesman because he is not being true to himself. He is being a fake form of himself and behaving inappropriately nice because he WANTS something from the girl, yet has nothing to give back.

Just like people hate sale man, girls hate the nice guy. What could be worse than being around someone who kisses your ass regardless of how you act. It is a gross feeling we have all felt.

Now picture a stud who is also a nice person on a date. He can have any girl he wants, and he knows this. Now of course, he is polite but when they are having a conversation he gives his own views. He is screening the girl just as much as she is screening him. When he does stuff like tell her she?s pretty, or that he likes this about her it is not get her to like him. It is purely and simply to make her feel good. This game plan or behavior would be comparable to a guy trying to give away a million dollars. Of course he?s nice, he?s giving away free money, but he knows he has value and does not just walk around need fully trying to get people to like him. They are lucky to get the chance to talk to him and because of this he does not allow people to walk all over him.

So in the end, the reason why nice guys are repulsive to women is because they are like car sales man trying to get something from women with a false ass kissing demeanor. A genuine stud nice guy, however is like a person trying to give away money, he is purely giving value to the other person with nothing needed in return. He knows that people will recognize his value and therefore will like him naturally when is simply being himself. In the end he has nothing to gain from other people, but a ton to give. This is what being a attractive nice guy is all about.

So, if you are the nice guy right now ask yourself. Am I being nice to people because I want to? Or am I being nice to people to get them to like me (like a car sales man)? Are you bending for others or staying true to yourself?

Start being the guy who has the confidence of a king, but has the generosity of a saint and you will soon see that being a nice guy can be the sexiest form of man alive.

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About Alex Becker Alex Becker is a dating coach and writer with a huge knowledge base in PUA, psychology, and social dynamics. He currently spends most of his time focusing on teaching college aged men how to naturally improve their success with women. In his free time he enjoys playing guitar, building websites, and his dog Chewbacca.

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