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Sex Secret: Harvest More Hook-ups by Planting Seeds

Hooking up with girls can be among the most difficult endeavors in a man?s life. Some men are blessed and can effortlessly seduce even the finest of women. The rest of us, however, weren?t endowed with superhuman female attractive powers. We need all the help we can get. All successful players have one thing in common whether they know it or not:

They plant a lot of seeds.

Planting seeds can take the form of long-term or short-term planting, but the result is the same. It produces a healthy harvest of hook-ups. In this article, I?ll cover both long-term and short-term planting, as well as how these strategies can most effectively be utilized to get girls.

Long-Term Planting

Plant those seeds

This first type of seed planting will yield results more slowly, but it can be practiced almost anytime and anywhere.

Although you may be interested in immediate results, remember that getting women is a marathon rather than a sprint in a lot of cases. Long-term planting involves making numerous connections with women in your day-to-day life, then proceeding to ignore them. When I say numerous, I mean as many as possible.

Let me explain.

If you meet a woman in class, at the grocery store, at the mall, or wherever, you should do your best to be subtly flirtatious. Crack a little joke. Flash a smile. Get her to laugh. Make the total interaction time no more than 5-10 minutes. Maybe get her number, but if you do, don?t call or text her.

Congratulations. You just planted a seed.

If you happen to run into that same woman in a social situation (at a bar, party, etc.) a week or a month or even a year later, your chances to hook up with her will have dramatically improved. Why? Because you caught her attention. For those 5 or 10 minutes, she was enthralled. And you left her wanting more. You didn?t come off as desperate, or even interested. You just made one good impression. You made her remember you.

Now she sees you at the club, and that little seed of interest has taken root and sprouted a tree of desire. She wants you because she thinks she can?t have you. She remembers that she liked you, but that you weren?t interested.

Now, throw in a few beers and a little well-timed flirting, and you?ve got your foot in the door for a night of sexual adventures.

Note that this strategy is far more effective if you plant many, many seeds. Your chances of running into a single planted seed on any given night are slim, but if you?ve planted 50, they are much greater. Plus, you might hit the jackpot and end up with multiple seeds at the same location, in which case you can flirt with all and foster some serious jealousy. Jealousy intensifies desire. Desire leads to hook-ups.

Short-Term Planting

Short-term planting of seeds is very similar to long-term planting, except if done correctly, it will produce results much more quickly.

Short-term planting involves the exact same 5-10 minute interaction, except this time it is done at the evening?s social venue. Your ultimate goal with short-term planting is to harvest your seeds the same night you plant them. Short-term planting is most effective if you are able to plant several seeds at the same place.

For the first couple hours early in the night, focus on a few brief, yet flirtatious conversations with different women. After each conversation, do your best to almost entirely ignore said female for at least an hour. A little alcohol combined with your ignoring tactics will send her into a frenzy of sexual yearning. Especially when she sees you talking to other women.

After a few seeds are successfully planted over an hour or two, casually cross paths with your favorite among them and say hey, acting slightly surprised to see them, almost as if you forgot your previous conversation.

If done correctly, the women will express serious interest in the form of flirting, touching, or laughing.

If she?s sending all the right signals, take a chance and up the ante. Put your arm around her back.

If she responds by pressing tightly up against you or putting her arm around you as well, you?ve just about guaranteed yourself a partner for the evening.

Happy harvesting, men.

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