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The Job Interview: A Few Do’s and Don’ts

For some the interview is a wonderland of opportunity. For others the interview is a crash coarse in sweaty hands, pits and a dry mouth. No matter where you fall there are a few things you should always be aware of going in.


Ace the interview

Be prompt (about 10 minutes before). Being early for your interview is a good way to start off. Be sure to check in at the front desk and let them know who you are and why you’re there.


Showing up 30 minutes before game time may be alright for the field but in the interview world being too early can be annoying for the company and uncomfortable for you.


Dress for the job not the interview, within certain constraints of course. Consider your audience and work to perform. This means business casual or put on a coat is the job calls for it.


Dress for the work, business casual is fine for a construction but what you don’t want to do is don your rugged jeans and muscle shirt as if you were hitting the job site.


Top off your attire with good hygiene. This is brushed teeth, combed hair and nicely shaven. Make sure your clothing is clean and ironed if necessary.


You can’t just roll out of bed after a night of partying and show up at your interview. Unkempt hair, bad breath or a piece of morning sausage stuck between your front teeth.


Sit up straight, just like mom always taught you. Good posture makes you seem taller and confident.


Slouching or poor posture will cause you to shift position frequently or just look sloppy. This distracts form the interview process and what you have to say.


Maintain eye contact and keep your attention towards the person conducting the interview, or where there is more than one to the person asking the questions. It is alright to look away from time to time but only for a brief moment.


Staring or leering can cause uncomfortable silence or throw the person interviewing you off topic. Staring can be interpreted as an act of physical interest either sexual or aggressive. If she happens to be female, save the interest for after you land the job.


Be concise and to the point when answering questions. Stay on topic and use key words to display your understanding of the topic in question.


Rambling on tends to show that you don’t understand the question or the topic. It may also lead you to reveal too much information that may cost you a position.

Interviewing is a simple process of meeting your potential manager and responding to questions he or she may have about you and your background. Treat it professionally but as nothing more than a conversation between two adults. The more relaxed and confident you are the better.

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