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About Spyder Collins As the writing leg of the three-headed beast from Razor Thin Studios, Spyder has been making the rounds about the internet. With a passion for creative writing, which he explores in his blogs, he brings a unique flavor. A blogger by trade with appearances in some pretty sweet spots but Spyder may have found his true home with TSB.


    Do You Really Need a Hot Ride?

    img Posted September 27, 2011

    New job, better paycheck and a few extra bucks in your pocket. Perhaps now it is time to trade in that old piece of crap hand me down car from your old man?s junkyard collection, o ...


    On the Job: Day One

    img Posted September 20, 2011

    Well, you?ve landed the job at a professional establishment, which frankly no one ever thought you would. You showed them. That polished resume and straight edge attitude in the in ...


    Working Your Way Up the Corporate Ladder

    img Posted September 13, 2011

    Kiss much ass lately? Contrary to popular belief those that succeed are all not ass-kissers. Working the corporate ladder is a matter of timing, luck and diligence. Although some d ...


    Office Etiquette

    img Posted September 6, 2011

    Why is it that some people feel like their sitting in their living room all alone when in fact they are in the middle of the office surrounded by their co-workers? There are just c ...


    A College Degree, Why Bother?

    img Posted August 30, 2011

    After twelve years of school (thirteen if you count kindergarten) do you really want to go on for another four, six, eight or even ten years? Well, it all depends on what you want ...


    Etiquette for a Business Meeting

    img Posted August 23, 2011

    It finally happened. You were warned about them and each day that passed you were grateful not to be included. All that has changed, you?ve been invited to a meeting. Nothing could ...


    Resume: Your Foot in the Door

    img Posted August 16, 2011

    The resume is still a valuable part of your job seeking, promotion or job changing arsenal, as much as this archaic entity sucks. This is your showcase; I?m better than everyone el ...


    Get Some Extra Cash in your Check

    img Posted August 10, 2011

    We all want a few extra dollars in our check; an extra digit is always nice. Here are a few possibilities you could explore without seeking part-time employment or being sucked int ...


    The Job Interview: A Few Do’s and Don’ts

    img Posted August 1, 2011

    For some the interview is a wonderland of opportunity. For others the interview is a crash coarse in sweaty hands, pits and a dry mouth. No matter where you fall there are a few th ...


    Job Hunting: Employ Your Resources

    img Posted July 25, 2011

    Let?s face it, job hunting sucks. If you’re not independently wealthy or satisfied with squatting, then guess what? It?s time to hit it and bring in some steady income. It?s ...

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