Jeans to Spread your Genes

Or At least Get Lots of Opportunity to Do So

They are the undead, the immortals, the one thing with everlasting life in the fashion realm: Jeans.


If jeans could write their memoirs the pages would fill libraries. They are simple, practical and effective. And they can show off your best bits while hiding your worst. What more could you want? Unfortunately as it often happens with simple things, they can get rather complicated. Walking into a jeans store with only your size in mind is not going to help you that much in choosing the right leg canvas.

With a large variety of cuts, styles and rises available buying your new pair can make you cringe.

Rise to the Challenge

The first thing for you to decide on is the type of rise you want. In short there are three different rises:

The low rise, the medium rise and the mid rise.
Let?s just say that the medium rise is the most popular of the three for obvious reasons. Unless you are very trim the low rise might give you an undesired muffin top effect that you can do without. The high rise on the other hand might have some nasty people whispering behind your ear, in the style of ?mommy?s boy?. Indeed a pair of high-rise jeans can look like your mother has dressed you and therefore should be left to your grandfather who can handle such a fashion faux pas with much more enlightened peace.

?Fit for a King

?The next thing to figure out is the fit or cut you want. Roughly there are four different ones:

-The boot cut which has a slight flare at the bottom.
-The wide cut which is loose fitting from waist to bottom.
-The slim cut which is tapered but not form fitting.

?And last but not least:

?-The straight cut which is neither tapered nor excessively loose.

How to Look Best

To look your best in a pair of denims it is essential to know and dress for your body type. If you have an athletic body you will look best in a wider leg as a narrow cut can make you look too bulky. Smaller pockets though can show off your sexy hard earned buns quite nicely.

Being a slim guy you are best dressed in tighter fitting Jeans otherwise you risk looking like you are wearing your older brother?s gear. However you are probably the one type who can get away with low rise bootleg jeans.
If you are heavier you are best off in a pair of wide leg jeans with big pockets that make your butt look smaller. Avoid the boot cut or straight cut if possible as it will make you look even heavier.

Style Mile

When it comes to style, the jeans department offers endless possibilities.? Here just a few considerations:

If you have to hide a few kilos, go for a dark indigo colored pair, also if you are game enough to wear a pair to the office.

I personally would leave skinny jeans to the girls unless you want to risk being mistaken for one.? Until now I haven?t seen a guy -apart from a few models- who can really pull them off without looking like they are wearing thermal underwear.

If you want to separate the man in you from the boys around you, stay away from overly dramatic rips, zippers and studs and opt instead for a well cut pair of denims combined with sexy black leather boots, white T-shirt, hoodie and Blazer.

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