Suit Yourself!

Hate them or love them. If you belong to the half of humanity that sports xy chromosomes you won?t get around wearing them at least occasionally: Suits!

Given that you can?t beat them, you might as well join them! After all suits have serious outline enhancing capabilities, turning an A shape into a V shape or hiding the fact that your gluteals are in desperate need of reawakening.

One for All

Pick the right suit

If you want to invest in only one suit choose a navy one. The color generally suits many occasions, looks fresh and can be combined with a variety of other colors to give you a different look every time. It also goes well with most skin complexions and does not tend to make your face look washed out as some other colors can.

A navy Jacket also combines very well with jeans and a white dress shirt or even T-shirt for less formal occasions.

Get Your Way with Gray

Slightly more serious and ?office-y? looking is the gray suit. There are many shades to choose from ranging from light to charcoal grey. Generally speaking the darker the gray, the better suited it is for evening occasions. Go for medium gray if you intend to wear them day or night.? Too light a color in a suit is simply not a very practical option, as it can stain easily. And if you don?t intend to have a range of suits, opt for a fabric that doesn?t limit you to a certain season. A worsted flannel gray suit is a better option here than a heavy woolen one.

Mission Brown

Unless brown is your favorite color it is not the best choice for a suit that you can wear for many occasions. It simply hasn?t got the classic look of gray or navy and might look a little seventies. Having said that, I have seen brown suits combined with cream or golden hues and they can look fantastic. A good tan certainly enhances brown. A pale face tends to look somewhat paler in earthy tones and if you are not in the Latin lover skin color range, I would advice you to stay away from brown altogether.

Plain or Pane?

If you only have one suit, keep it plain. For the simple reason, that you get more wear out of it, as it is less recognizable than a striped or window paned one. Combined with different shirts and ties, the plain suit acts as the backdrop rather than the stand out feature.

If you intend to have more than one suit you can afford to be a bit more adventurous in the pattern depart. Stripes are usually the pattern of choice here.

You can choose between pinstripes and chalk stripes. In my opinion the pin stripe is somewhat more conservative than the chalk stripe. Both of them tend to be found fairly often in the financial business sector and have a sort of stockbroker feel to them.

If you feel really adventurous with your patterns, opt for a windowpane suit. Personally I find them more stylish than a striped suit and they go extremely well in springtime. The window pane does not necessarily have to be square-ish. You can opt for a slightly rectangular windowpane, which will give you an elongating effect to make you appear taller.

A Suit That Suits!

Last word of advice: A suit needs to suit! There are too many office guys with ill- fitting suits on the loose. Remember: a well fitting polyester suit can look better than an expensive yet odd fitting cashmere number, so take your time and get one that looks like it was made for you.

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