When She Complains That She’s Fat

One of the most irritating things a woman can do is complain about being fat. Whether or not she actually is fat, it?s always a very uncomfortable conversation to have. If you insist she?s not, she insists she is- you just can?t win. Here are a few strategies for extricating yourself from this sticky situation before it turns too unbearable.

It?s All About Changing the Topic

This girl obviously doesn't have that problem

This may seem obvious, but if you don?t actively try to talk about something else, the conversation can easily degenerate into an irrational argument. You can?t win in that kind of conversation, and you probably don?t want to try either. You just want her to shut up about her weight and discuss a less sensitive issue.

Step One: Try a Compliment

If you?re trying to get in her pants, it is crucial to shut down her preoccupation with being fat. Laugh off her complaints, perhaps with a comment like ?you can?t be serious?, which will make her feel embarrassed for even bringing up her size in the first place. Tell her that you think she looks great, and then change the topic before she can argue. Even if she is an obviously larger lady, you can compliment her curves or say she looks lovely just the way she is. Always immediately follow your compliment with a change of topic, so she can?t return to dissecting her appearance. It doesn?t matter if your new topic is as mundane as the weather; at least it can?t get any worse than her complaints about her appearance.

When She Resists a Different Topic

If she insists on discussing her body despite your attempts to lead the conversation into a different direction, try to make the conversation about someone else?s body. If you have a lot of mutual friends, you might be able to be able to talk about one of them. If you share no acquaintances, mention a celebrity, for example talk about how Lindsay Lohan looks better curvy rather than skeletal. Then you could start asking her about her favorite Lindsay Lohan movies, and then movies in general, and before long she will have forgotten she was ever complaining about being fat.

The One Sure-Fire Way to Make Her Stop

If you?ve tried everything else, there?s one mean but effective way to change the topic. If she continues to return to complaining about her weight and will not be reasoned with, just agree with her that she is fat. That will shut her up, but she also won?t be too happy about it. For a less brutal way of agreeing, you could try sympathizing. If she laments that she can?t look good in a bikini, offer her sentiments like ?oh no, that must be really annoying ? or ?at least there are plenty of cute one-pieces around?. She will soon realize she is not getting the response she wants, and will probably even change the topic herself.

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