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Natasha Abrahams is a writer and journalism student from Melbourne, Australia. When she is not busy with being a principal writer on Weekendnotes or skipping lectures, she can be found emptying her wallet at the nearest shopping centre. You can read more from Natasha at:
  • Keeping your hair clean will help distract from its thinning patches.
    What to do about your thinning hair

    Style tips for the balding guy You’re not bald. You’re balding. There is a big difference. A guy with a big shiny bald patch may as well shave off his remaining hair, but you want to hold...

    • Posted June 24, 2016
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  • She might be suspicious if you have been single for too long, even if there is nothing visibly wrong with you.
    How to explain why you have been single for so long

    What to say when your date asks why you were single for five years in a row Dating is a lot like interviewing for jobs. Some women take the analogy too literally, and grill you on gaps...

    • Posted June 20, 2016
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  • New Trends from London Collections Men SS17

    What you need to know about London Collections- Men’s Fashion Week London Collections runs twice a year, showing off the upcoming spring/summer collections of top men’s designers. The four-day event is a relatively new addition to the...

    • Posted June 17, 2016
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  • Meeting your girlfriend's best friends for the first time can be daunting.
    How to win over her friends

    Meeting your girlfriend’s friends for the first time It is important to make a good impression on your girlfriend’s friends, particularly if you are in a long-term relationship. Your girlfriend’s friends have a lot of power to...

    • Posted June 13, 2016
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  • Four smartwatches that aren’t the Apple Watch

    Smartwatches for Android users A smartwatch does more than just tell the time. Smartwatches have some of the capabilities of smartphones, and are usually fitness trackers as well. Above all, they are a fashion statement. They show...

    • Posted June 10, 2016
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  • There's more to 'Netflix and chill' than putting on Game of Thrones and snuggling.
    How to improve your ‘Netflix and chill’ game

    Upgrading your casual Netflix and Chill date Before you get to the chilling component of ‘Netflix and chill’, you have to at least pretend to get through the Netflix watching component. Here is how to make your...

    • Posted June 6, 2016
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  • Backpacks are trending this season.
    How to style a backpack

    Wearing a backpack with style as an adult Backpacks are not only a convenient way to carry around your personal effects- they are also a fashion statement. Having been on the rise for a few years, they...

    • Posted June 3, 2016
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  • Meeting women on Facebook is not as simple as adding 10 randoms and hoping for the best.
    How to meet women on Facebook

    Pick up from behind your computer screen Social networking has made dating so much easier. Use it to your advantage by following these tips to meet single women on Facebook. Join special interest groups Join groups that...

    • Posted May 30, 2016
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  • Heels aren't just for ladies- elevator shoes for men can boost your height and your confidence.
    Guide to height-increasing shoes

    Should you get elevator shoes? Elevator shoes give you a small increase in height. This is achieved with a higher heel than is usual on men’s footwear. However, the additional heel is concealed inside the shoe, so...

    • Posted May 27, 2016
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  • Do women really use Tinder to make friends?

    What it means when she’s using Tinder to make friends When happily swiping away on the world’s second most popular dating app (Badoo is the most popular, despite that nobody in English speaking countries knowing what it...

    • Posted May 23, 2016
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  • What is the difference between ready-to-wear and runway collections?
    The difference between runway and ready-to-wear

    Prêt-a-porter versus runway collections- what does it all mean? The clothing that graces runways is entirely different to what you see in stores. This article explains the meanings of terminology used for different types of clothing. What...

    • Posted May 20, 2016
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