5 Ways to Tell if You’re in the Friend Zone

If you?re looking to become romantically involved with a woman, the very last place you want to be is in the friend zone. Some men disregard the friend zone, believing that eventually any girl will come around if you play your cards correctly.

This is a mistake.

Friends for life!

The friend zone is very real and will bring you much confusion and distress if you don?t realize it. The worst part of the friend zone is that it takes most men quite some time to recognize that the girl is not interested beyond friendship. They feel they?re making progress, but ultimately they are disappointed and even heartbroken.

In this article, I?ll touch on 5 ways to tell if you?re in the friend zone with the girl of your dreams.

1. You text her all the time

If you?re texting a girl all the time over a period of a month or more, chances are that she?s just looking for someone to talk to.

Stop telling yourself she?s going to profess her feelings for you any day now. You?re not going to get anything. You?re wasting your time. Get out of there.

2. She talks to you about other guys

If she?s telling you about all of the drama with other guys in her life, you are almost certainly her ?bestie.?

Don?t put up with that bullshit. No guy wants to hear about how ?Chaz just won?t apologize.? Swallow your pride and cut the cord.

3. She flirts with you, but never goes further

Girls are often very manipulative creatures. They like keeping their puppy dogs on a short leash. If she flirts with you all the time, but nothing physical ever happens, chances are that she just wants you to believe you have a chance.

In your eyes, you?re making progress. She laughs at your jokes, smiles at you, and maybe you two even have a tickle fight from time to time.

This is garbage.

She?s worried you won?t want to be such a great friend if you?re not head over heels for her. These are the girls that will rip your heart out without thinking twice about it. Get out of there as soon as possible.

4. She goes out with you but flirts with other guys

So you ask her to go with you to a party on Friday night. You both get all dressed up, and you?re feeling like a stud because it?s almost like you two are on a date. You get to the party and she starts talking to another guy. Pretty soon they?re dancing and getting handsy.

At this point, you feel crushed. Please understand that this is a dead giveaway. She?s not interested in you. She may be trying to make you jealous just to keep you close.

Run away as fast as you can!

5. She gets a boyfriend

This is the most in-your-face sign that a girl is not interested in anything more than friendship. Still, I find it amazing how many guys are too ignorant to see what?s going on. Stop telling yourself that she?ll develop feelings, and you?ll swoop in when they break up.

You?re never going to be anything more than a shoulder to cry on.

She is going to repeatedly let you down which will inevitably cause you to get hurt. Save yourself the anguish. Just cut your losses and head for the hills.

The Moral of the Story

Many guys like to ignore the fact that they?re in the friend zone, especially when they?re talking to a girl for whom they have strong feelings. In the end, this is only going to hurt you.

She will disappoint you down the road, and you?ll miss out on chances with other women because you are so caught up in this one girl. I?m not saying that a guy can?t have healthy friendships with girls. If no feelings are involved, it can be good to have a trustworthy friend of the opposite gender.

However, this is rarely the case.

My advice is to ditch the friend zone as fast as possible and move on to bigger and better things. You?ll miss her at first, but after a while, you?ll realize she was a shady seductress all along.

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