When she says you’re like a brother

What does it mean when a girl says ?you?re like a brother to me??

Nothing shoots down romantic interests faster than forcing you into a brotherly role.

She?s establishing a lack of interest

Siblings are not sexy. At best, you may be able to see how other people find your sibling attractive, but the natural reaction is to refuse to see a sibling in a sexual light. This is the result of being reared together, along with strong social taboos against pursuing romantic relationships with close relatives. By saying you are like a brother to her, she is establishing that you have a close and intimate friendship, but not in a romantic sense. She completely lacks any attraction towards you, and this is the nicest way for her to say it.

Ask her what she means

When a girl tells you that she feels like you are a brother to her, ask her what she means by that. In general, this type of statement is made by those who are a little on the immature side, as a way of conveying a lack of interest. However, there is a tiny chance that she does not mean it in that way. Perhaps she is trying to say that she feels that she can trust you, or feels like you know each other well. By asking what she means, you will get a more direct answer. Pretend you have never heard the expression before and are completely unaware of its implications- it may be an uncomfortable conversation, but it will tell you definitively if you have a chance or not.

When you keep hearing this line

You have noticed that multiple girls have told you that you are a brotherly figure in their lives. At this point, take a look at yourself and try to figure out why this is happening. There are a few possible scenarios. It could be that you have a protective personality, which dominates your interactions. Some women, mainly conservative types, will actually go for this type of man. If you are trying to attract a fling, you may want to tone down this aspect of your personality. Another possibility is that you are hanging around immature girls, particularly if there is a noticeable gap between your maturity and theirs. This does not necessarily coincide with an age difference- while life experience does help you mature, there are some who never quite grow up. Reflect on the types of women you are chasing, and if there is a common factor that results in you being cast into a brotherly position.

When she says another guy is like a brother

When a woman says that another man in her life is ?like a brother?, it has a completely different meaning to when she voices that sentiment to you directly. If your girlfriend is deflecting your fears around the guy she keeps texting by saying she sees him as a brother, keep your eyes open. She may have a secret crush on him, or vice versa.

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