Does Sex Really Complicate and Destroy Relationships?

Most people are aware of the old stigma that having sex is the fastest way to defecate on a burgeoning relationship. But is this true? Does doing the dirty deed really make things go sour in a hurry?

As you may have guessed, the answer is not as simple as a yes or no. Sex early on in a relationship, however, is a strong indicator that the relationship will fail. There are two reasons for this.

1. The Relationship is Based on Physical Attraction

Things get complicated

When you find yourself in a brand new and exciting relationship, it is a rule of thumb that you should be drawn to the other person?s personality. Long-term, serious, and meaningful relationships are built on a connection between personalities, an intangible chemistry that is difficult to find. If two people both feel this chemistry, their first instinct could possibly be to jump in to bed with each other.

However, they will more than likely just want to spend time with one another and explore this bond of intimacy that they have experienced.

If your first instinct in a new relationship is to have hot, wild sex, chances are that your relationship is destined to fail. You?re more attracted to a bunch of well-formed molecules than the person residing within them.

2. The People in the Relationship are Immature

Sometimes, two people can feel a strong chemistry and still jump right into having sex, even though it would be much more passionate and significant further down the line. The reason for this is because emotionally immature people get really horny as soon as they feel a reciprocated understanding and attraction with another person.

Their first instinct is to assume that they have found true love and should therefore head straight to the sack for some real love-making. Mature individuals will realize the rarity of an intimate connection and will want to develop it further before letting sex become a large part of the relationship. In the case of the immature kids that jump right into bed, it is not always true that the relationship won?t last.

However, having sex tends to speed things up in the relationship, putting overburdening stress on two people who aren?t ready for such commitment.

If the relationship still works out, they will ultimately regret not waiting until further down the line for when they truly cared for one another to get busy.

So, Does Sex Ruin Relationships?

Sex, in itself, does not completely spoil a relationship.

However, it can be a strong indicator that the relationship is based more on shallow physical attraction than true chemistry. Sex can speed up a promising relationship and put pressure on two immature people who are not ready for serious commitment.

Either way, it seems that early sex in a relationship should be avoided if you are looking for something serious and meaningful. If you are at a stage where you are looking for nothing more than crazy, ferocious sex, then by all means, get after it.

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