Must-Read: Let’s Get Adventurous

Have an adventure!

Adventure! As men, we want it. It is embedded into who we are creatures. Sure, some of it has been eroded away by the advance of video games and television that allows us to experience adventure and challenges without having to leave the comfort of our living room. But those aren’t real adventures. Those are just substitutes. Every now and then, no matter who you are, you need to get out of your place, strap on a backpack, and do some motherfucking climbing. Or hiking. Or skeet shooting. Or zip lining:

Don?t Get Cocky
Just because you zip lined in Costa Rica doesn?t mean you can jump right on the cable in South Africa. Guidelines, directions, harness set-up, cable design, and breaking system all vary by location. Some operators, for example, use hand braking, while others employ a spring-based braking system.

The tip comes courtesy Men’s Health’s amazing Adventure Guide. It includes tips on just about every sort of adventuring you’re looking to do. Everything from in the backcountry, to wading in the water, to huffing and puffing through the snow, to taking it to the streets. If you’re looking for something to do, or already have an idea of what you want your adventure to be and are simply looking for some tips, follow the above link and make it happen.

Get to adventuring, adventurers!

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