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How To Be More Adventurous And Get More Girls


Why adventurousness is the sexiest personality trait

Adventurousness attracts beautiful women like bees to honey. It’s one of the most attractive, yet underrated personality traits.

Nearly every man and woman admits they’d like to be more adventurous. We all say we want to take risks and live life to the fullest. Yet, this is an aspect that is so rare in most people’s personalities.

If you can show a woman your adventurous side, you’ll stand out immediately. They’ll become addicted to it so quickly. It’s a quality that keeps women coming back for more.

Many people will want to hang out with you all the time, hoping that your adventurousness rubs off on them and they can be inspired to live a more exciting life.

That’s not the only reason why women find it irresistible though.

Being adventurous shows bravery – a trait that has been inherently attractive to women since caveman times. Back then, the bravest men would be the only ones who could successfully hunt for food and protect his family.

Adventurousness also demonstrates a desire for freedom. This is the pillar of masculine energy.

As David Deida says: “The essential masculine ecstasy is the moment of release from constraint.”

As such, it’s so attractive to the feminine.

When she sees this, she imagines a relationship filled with excitement. She pictures being able to reveal her innermost sexual desires without judgement. She foresees a partner who is always striving for more.

How to show off your adventurous side

Unless you bump into her on the ski slopes or at the skydive centre, it’s not obvious how to show off your adventurous side to a woman you’ve just met.

The easiest way to do this is to be unapologetic about your attraction to her. Approach her boldly, tell her she’s beautiful. Most men are too scared to do this, and will instead come up with excuses to make smalltalk.

When it comes to ‘closing’ your initial interaction with her, see what risks you can take. Rather than the safe option of swapping phone numbers, find out what she’s doing at that exact moment. Try and take her somewhere fun straight away. This could be for a quick coffee, some food or straight back to your bedroom, depending on her time constraints and how adventurous you’re feeling.

When asking her out for a date, avoid the classic ideas she’s heard so many times. Why not suggest something you’ve never done before? It doesn’t need to be super-expensive. Even venues like a funfair, the aquarium or an art gallery are more original than she’s probably used to.

In her company, try breaking tiny rules and social norms. High-five the shopkeeper, sneak into VIP sections of the club, give her a cheeky bite on the neck or drag her somewhere private for a steamy make-out session. Sure, it won’t always work but it demonstrates an adventurousness she’ll find addictive.

Become the adventurous guy all the time

Being adventurous, whether it’s by breaking small social rules or snowboarding down a mountain, is the key to an exciting life.

It’s not recommended to become that socially-retarded dude, who causes trouble and annoys people in the name of ‘adventure’. Calibration is key at all times, and you should respect everyone’s boundaries for adventurous behaviour.

However, it should always feel satisfying to take risks, leave your comfort zone and expand your horizons, even if it is a little scary.

Aim to live like this every day, whether there are women around or not. You’ll become the person who makes his own rules, who lives each day like his last and has a brilliant time all the time. Beautiful women will appear and stay in your life as a by-product of this.

About Joe Elvin

Joe Elvin is a dating/relationships blogger currently travelling the world living as a digital nomad. His book ‘The Thrill Of The Chase’ explains how learning to truly enjoy singledom helped him to dramatically improve his dating life.

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