You Are What You Wear!

They want to keep it a secret yet it is a secret no longer:

It is important what you wear

Your clothes have a direct influence – not just on how others perceive you – but on how you see yourself.

In a study it was determined that university students who dressed smartly for an exam outperformed their sloppy competitors by a long shot.

A lot of men still are of the erring opinion that putting some effort into their appearance and especially their clothes is slightly effeminate. They spend a mere minimum in the shops to select often ill-fitting suits and ties that don?t match and don?t realize that this attitude could cost them their promotion or in other areas the relationship they would hope to attract.

?You are what you wear? is the new mantra of fashion for men. Women have known it for a long time and use it to their advantage. They do not wear make- up and high heels because it feels so good or comfortable. They know that their appearance has a direct influence on their confidence and that in turn has a direct influence on how others see them.

Once and for all: Clothes are not an irrelevant thing on the side that can be easily ignored by you or others.

Remember: What the world (and you in front of a mirror) sees of you is only your head and your hands. Everything else is clothes!

Look good in order to feel good!

Clothes can have a truly transformational effect on you. Just try it out.? Wear a smart suit to an occasion and wear some floppy T-shirt to a similar occasion and see what difference it makes.

The important thing is to realize that clothes have to speak your language. What do you want to say to the world? How do you want to be perceived? How do you want to feel about yourself?

Do you want to feel confident, professional and smart?

Then dress like it and half the job is done. It might get you that long desired promotion. It might get you the girl. And not necessarily because the clothes you wear look so good, but because they work magic for your confidence. And what is more attractive than a confident person?

If your clothes on the other hand say I am a sloppy couch potato (and believe me we all listen to what the clothes we wear whisper into our ears), then how do you think you will present yourself and be perceived to others?

Yes, right, a sloppy couch potato.

Find your style and work on it. You do not have to become a fashion victim in this quest. Just look around and see what you find smart and attractive on other men and try to incorporate it into your own wardrobe. It is better for your self-esteem to be a little overdressed rather than under dressed.

However just one last word of advice: be a little careful not to be better dressed than your boss.

For obvious reasons!

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