6 Easy Fashion Tips That Will Get You The Girl

1.Good Shape

No matter what you are wearing, what occasion it is and what type of body you have. There is one fashion rule, which you should never ever break:

Buy clothes that fit well.

Get that girl!

Yes, large Tee shirts might be so comfortable but if you are not an XXL man ditch them. If you feel you need to hide some extra kilos opt for a dressier jacket instead. It will give you a better silhouette and a much more sophisticated look. That goes for too body hugging clothes as well. Unless you can sport a serious six-pack and the biceps to go with it, don?t opt for the second skin look. It will work against you.

2.Invest in Quality Pieces

You do not have to blow your budget when it comes to clothes. Just know where to invest your money. Spend your cash on such items as quality shoes or a great pair of trousers and save some money by buying less expensive shirts if you are on a tighter budget. After all a white cotton shirt is a white cotton shirt, right? Your shoes will last you for a long time and dress up the rest of your attire immediately. A simple white cotton shirt and Jeans can look fabulous combined with gorgeous footwear.

3. Drop the Logos

Don?t become a walking billboard and advertise brand names unless the company pays you for it! If you are over the age of 25 stop wearing T-shirts that scream some irrelevant slogan at anyone approaching you. It is simply un-stylish and in my opinion slightly vulgar. Work on your chat up lines instead!

4.Keep it Simple

Unless you are a very confident dresser keep your style clean and simple. If you want to experiment with your look start with accessories: Wear a funkier tie to a simple suit, wear some slightly more daring shoes or an interesting scarf. Don?t do it all at once though. You do not need to follow any trend to be a sharp dresser. Find your style and have a little fun with it.

5.Wear Good-Looking Underwear

No matter if you are a boxer-short or G-string man. Wear the underwear that makes you feel good and sexy. No one might see it during the day yet it can have a profound effect on how you feel about yourself. Women have known this for a long time. Sexy underwear makes you feel sexy and in turn makes you give off your sexy vibes. And who can resist sexy?

6. Shop With a Friend

You might think you have good taste and you probably do, yet it is always good to get a second opinion. You can never get a satisfying look at yourself from behind, and to trust a sales person seems rather desperate. They would sell you anything if they could. So hit the stores with an honest friend, even better a female. If you don?t have one, ask a woman (who does not work) in the store for her opinion. Any woman will be flattered and as a result you might end up with a date AND good-looking clothes!

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