Office Etiquette

Why is it that some people feel like their sitting in their living room all alone when in fact they are in the middle of the office surrounded by their co-workers? There are just certain things that needn?t happen in the office. Let?s take a gander at some of those undesirable habits people tend to bring to the office.

Office picker

Keep it classy

If you?re one of those unconscious nose pickers, you might want to think about paying more attention to what you are doling. Sitting at your desk pulling out nuggets and rolling them between your fingers to toss behind you isn?t cool. This also is a recipe for an embarrassing moment. Imagine the office hottie swinging into your office space as you pull out a wet stringer? So, keep the nose excavating for your restroom time and save yourself and your office mates from your balls of snot.

Office Farter

This may all seem so junior high school but you?d be surprised how many let one rip. Now, farting is a natural bodily function but there is a difference between a confined slip and an out right blaster. Save your amusement for your private time or with the boys at the bar. The office is no place for this and will quickly put you on ?ignore.?

Office Megaphone

Everyone has experienced this beauty, the office loudmouth. Not talking about a gossip, no this is the one who vibrates the walls when he or she is on the phone. As if everyone in the office and even the next building wants to hear their side of the conversation. There are quite a bit of annoyance in any office but this display may be one of the most badgering and infuriating traits. Tone it down, really no one cares that you?re on the phone, who you are talking to and especially the topic. If they were that interested they?d wire tap your phone, so set the decibels well below rock concert and keep the office cohesiveness in tact.

Office Clipper

Treating the office like your private beauty parlor at any level is a no-no but busting out the clippers! Keep the finger nail clippers (dare even mention toe nail) at home. Not only is the sound annoying but the idea of your clippings flying off in every direction is nauseating. And no, don?t make a game out of it by seeing how many clipping you can get in your cube neighbors coffee cup.

Office Snoop

You know the guy that visits everyone?s cube while they are out of the office. Opening drawers or checking out desktop goodies. The one that feels if it is in the building than it must be his. Like the bowl of candy or can of peanuts you have at your desk. Or the dollar you keep in your desk drawer to quench your afternoon soda crave. That?s the office snoop, always in other people?s stuff. Every office has at least one and dealing with him is no laughing matter.

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