Keeping Her Talking For More Than 2 Minutes

There are a fuck ton of ways to sneak your way into the land of cooch, as proved in this scenario, I have 2 completely different sets of advice and both will get to where you need to be, minute 3 of an interaction, OH MY!

This weeks topic:

Don't get stuck at two minutes.

How do I keep a conversation going after the first few minutes?

This is one of the questions we get asked the most, after introducing yourself to a woman, what do you say next? You know at that really annoying stage where there is a lull in conversation.

I have 2 ways of dealing with this both are equally effective and will get you to minute number 3, YAY!

1. Say Random Shit

The thing here is to keep saying stuff until she hears something that is interesting and she wants to get involved with.

The key thing to remember is that if you say something that she isn?t interested in, you need to move on before she has a chance to relies that you are talking nonsense, it should be like conversational machine gun fire.

We are aiming for a quicksand effect, you?re talking about kittens, she doesn?t like them but before she has realized you are already talking about something else.

When I say random shit, I really do mean random shit, I pulled a Spanish chica a few weeks back and we had a ridiculously awkward quiet minute or so, so I started spouting topics, it was literally just saying words, volcanoes, tru blood, poetry, politics, my puppy lost his virginity.

BOOM! She is a student vet and is intrigued by my puppy story, we talk about this for about 5 minutes and then once the conversational cherry is popped it should be easy from here on out. Basically as soon as you have spoken about something real, conversation will flow much easier.

We all know that once a girl is talking, half the battle is won.

What was the thing that peaked her interest? A story about my dog getting laid, it was about the 5th or 6th thing I said to her and the key thing here is to not let her grasp that the things you?re saying don?t interest her. Say something, if it sticks carry on with it, if it doesn?t move on straight away, don?t even let it register that you talked about something, if she doesn?t like it, move onto something else before she has realized.

Just in case you?re wondering, yeah I went home with her, CHICA VAHINA ENCIMA SEXO BOOOYA!

2. Talk about your interests.

There is a psychological observation known as receiver contagiousness. This is the principal of a person who is speaking (the sender) being passionate and enthusiastic about their choice of topic. This passion and enthusiasm is then assumed by the person being spoken to (the receiver).

Applying this theory to talking to girls is easy, simply talk about something that you are passionate about and generally she will become interested in your topic. It?s kinda weird to see this happen but is as close to 100% effective as you can get.

Often she will try to reject your passion being part of her reality (often by saying she is bored or pretending not to be interested in what you?re saying) but all you need to do is acknowledge that she has spoken but ignore the content of what she said, then continue to talk. Eventually, if you have the right amount of passion and enthusiasm she will fall into your conversation with the same level of enthusiasm you are displaying.

Once they are in, it?s over.



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