How to Look Good in Your Underwear

According to an article in cosmopolitan some time ago, women can tell a lot about you by your choice of underwear. What does yours tell about you?

Let?s face the sad truth. Underwear is often the last thing on a guys mind. Most men think it is only the outside that counts and do not realize how much impact these little bits of fabric can have.

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Firstly of course you never know whom you might be standing next to when buying your daily take-away coffee. Wild passion could overcome you and before you know it you end up with a breathtaking woman in a near-by hotel room. You do not want to sport your Easter bunny boxer shorts for such an occasion, do you?

But even if this scenario is not your style of interacting with the other sex, it still is worthwhile to think about your down under.

After all we should not (only) dress our precious pink bits in order to impress the other sex (or the same), but really for ourselves.

?As below so above? is a slogan already the old alchemists have discovered and it is undeniably true that underwear can have a deep psychological effect on how you present yourself to the world. If your underwear makes you feel sexy and confident then of course you will give off those vibes and others will pick up on it.

Let?s have a look on what? s out there.

Once upon a time the only choice men had to make was between the brief and boxer shorts. But hurray those times have changed and men?s underwear options have become a lot more exciting without compromising on comfort.

The Boxer Brief

The surely most popular type of men?s underwear nowadays is the boxer brief. It has all the advantages of a brief, keeping everything nicely in place yet offers great comfort and suits any type of pant. Hard to go wrong with these as they offer varying lengths and waistlines and come in a multitude of designs. They even shape the outline of your behind quite nicely. What more can you want?

Well, maybe if you have a sort of Beckhamish figure you could show off your abs and gluteals a little more with trunks.


Trunks sport a shorter cut with less leg and a lower waistline mainly due to some men finding that the boxer briefs legs rolled up too much. But also because it is an undeniably sexy option if you have the body to go with it. Unfortunately they do not present beer guts very well and are rather unflattering if your behind is either too round or too flat.

The Classic Boxer

That type of bottom shape would do better with a classic boxer short. It hides or gives bulk quite subtly. And a lot of designers cut them a little more tightly now so you can avoid the bulk up of material under your pants.

Some men still stick with the tried and tested brief. It has done the job for their Dad so why should it not work for them? And given that briefs have undergone serious design transformations over the last decades there is nothing wrong with choosing this option. It provides support, comfort and simplicity. The cuts are more modern, the quality of material has improved and you get different looks with contrasting piping along the edges.

Let me utter one last word of advice though. If you want to enhance your style, stay away from funny slogans and designs on your underwear. I do not know what it does for your sex life but not many men handle it well when their partner bursts out laughing as soon as they pull off their pants.

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