Working Your Way Up the Corporate Ladder

Kiss much ass lately? Contrary to popular belief those that succeed are all not ass-kissers. Working the corporate ladder is a matter of timing, luck and diligence. Although some diligence can be perceived as ass-kissing, it is all a matter of how you approach it. Always running to the boss volunteering, patting yourself on the back or throwing others under the bus is a sure way to get the label and lose the respect of your peers. Play it cool, even and be mindful of your peers, they will play an important role in your success.

Putting in extra hours

Climb that ladder

When deadlines are looming or other employees are away, this is an opportunity to shine. Instead of hitting up management, ask your peers if they need help. You can sense tension and stress in the office. If you have the time give it up. Helping other hit their deadlines will get you noticed.

Doing your job well

Do what is expected of you. Like your mom always nagged about. Do your chores and take care of your business first. If you can stay on top of your workload and then have the initiative to help others, this is a bonus. It is a great way to be noticed without sticking your nose up someone?s ass.

Not making waves

Keep your shit in order and your mouth shut. There is a time to talk and a time to keep the mouth shut. Chose wisely but be sure you are engaged with the office and its mechanics. There is nothing wrong with a low profile when called for. Just be certain to engage when action calls.

Working within teams

No one like a smart ass with the ?I can go it alone,? attitude. It takes a team for an office to be successful. If you are a glory hog, this may get you noticed by management but hated by your peers. As well, any manager that looks upon this as a positive isn?t worth a bucket of piss. You will both fail in the end.

Sharing information

Being a knowledge resource is great to a point. If you guard all the knowledge and know how on specific duties or projects in the end you become a liability. Sharing data with peers is a great way to get management to see leadership qualities. A single point of failure is a liability that will eventually be removed. A data sharer is a leader and one that will be looked upon to lead in the future.

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