How to Hook Up With Her Friends

All too often, we meet a cute girl, only to realize that all her friends are cute too! Men like to have sex with lots of women, and that?s a good thing! If this weren?t the case, we?d have been extinct a long time ago. As long as you don?t make the girl think you are exclusive with her, you are free to do what you want. I know a lot of guys will sleep with a whole group of girls, and still manage the situation and maintain friendships with them.

1. Never tell her that her friends are hot

Do it right

This will put her on guard and make sure that her friends are never around. Women are very competitive, so don?t give any indication that you want to sleep with her friends. When you do meet her friends, don?t flirt with them. Be friendly and relaxed. If you are too flirty, her friends will see you as a scumbag, and she will get upset.

2. Eye contact ? subtle and sparce

So if you don?t flirt, how do create sexual tension with the friends? It?s all in the eyes, chico. Hold eye contact with her friends a ?beat? longer than would be polite/platonic. When you lock eyes with a friend during conversation, imagine kissing her, and even fucking her. This will come through subtly in your eyes and body. She?ll feel it, especially if you do it every time you talk to her. But remember, it?s all in the eyes. Don?t say anything flirty.

3. Make her brag ? great sex

Give your girl great sex. This means a lot of selfless foreplay, and stamina during sex. Because she?s competitive, she?ll brag about you to her friends. They?ll be curious about you now. Leverage women?s competitiveness to get them talking about how great you are in bed.

4. Indicate unhappiness for ONE REASON

If you get into a conversation with one of her friends, hint that you think she is probably seeing other guys secretly ? like her ex or someone. Now the friend may try to reassure you that she?s not, but if you?ve done the other 3 steps, she will see that she has an opening to sleep with you. This will excite her because she?s competitive with her girl friends. Notice how you are leveraging female-to-female competition to your advantage?

5. Time it and take action

Don?t jump too soon. Bide your time, and when the opportunity is there, logistically, make a move on one of the friends. See if you can get alone with her for a window of time, or you could even get her phone number in secret, and then give her a booty call. When you are alone, pin her against a wall, kiss her, rip her clothes off, and fuck her with wild abandon. And then never speak a word of it again.

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