On the Job: Day One

Well, you?ve landed the job at a professional establishment, which frankly no one ever thought you would. You showed them. That polished resume and straight edge attitude in the interview fooled them all and now your sitting in your orientation wondering what the hell happens next.

Consider this your boot camp. Not all employers operate the same but there are some basics that you will do as you float into work that first day.


Do it up right!

This longer then necessary meeting is where you will receive information pertaining to the organization, benefits, expectations and other tedious information along those lines. Unfortunately, no matter your attention span you need to pay attention to the benefits portion and the expectations.


Here they will cover the good stuff, like amount of vacation time, paid holidays and any other paid related benefits. You should also pay attention to the part about your health and similar benefits. Many employers will auto enroll you if you do not complete their paperwork. This could mean unnecessary deductions in pay. Read over the health (medical, dental and vision) and sign up for what you need.


If offered, count your lucky stars and spend some time familiarizing yourself with the benefit. In most cases this is an automatic company (free to you) contribution and isn?t available until you are wrinkled and gray.


You never saved money growing up. Every extra cent was blown on something. Well, the time has come to grow-up just a tad and toss in a percent or two (to start) in this plan. If you never had the money in your check to begin with it hurts less, so do it now.


Here they will probably talk about ? rules. Pay attention once again because your job does depend on it. Rules aren?t always set up to hold a man down and some are pure common sense but you?d be surprised how many people think it?s cool to surf porn during their lunch hour. I mean it?s your time right?

Meeting the Crew

More than likely you won?t be working alone. Your boss will grab you after your orientation and take you to your work center. This is your big ?first impression? moment, if you care. You as well will have the chance to scope out your team and draw your own conclusions. Now isn?t the time to hit on the team hottie or stare down the other males to exert your alpha-omega tendencies.

Your Desk

Finally, your piece of the world, this is where you get to chill, kick back and enjoy the scenery. You may want to sprinkle in some work so you don?t feel too guilty when you cash your first check. A couple of things to keep in mind with your work center, keep it clean. It doesn?t have to represent your inner most angst or passion for the ladies.

What?s Next

Well, by now it is close to the end of the day. What?s next is day two.

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