How Sports Are the Same As Dating

Golf is Like Hunting

Old men love this game. And some young guys too, but they are much more mature than I was at their age. Or maybe it?s not maturity, but calm.

Not sure how this is like sex, but still …

See, hunting is not aggressive and spurious. The true hunters, the old timers – like 50,000 year-old-timers – were patient, more than anything. And I think that as a man ages, he gets more patient, more calm, at least in most cases. Of course, the men that don?t have heart attacks. And they get ruled out of the game.

But if you can check that temper, that urgency that causes stress, you will create more opportunities for yourself. When I?m teaching a student how to pickup women during the day, I always emphasize walking slowly, and looking around. Circumstances change in an instant, and people change direction unpredictably.

Meeting women is like hunting, only your gun is loaded with love, though you may ultimately want to devour. But that?s OK because she wants to be devoured by a loving man.

Basketball is Like Endgame

Basketball is my favorite sport (although I suck at it – I?m a soccer player). I love to watch a play unfold – the ball comes down the court, as normal. A run, a screen, a spontaneous thought, BANG alley-oop!

Basketball is the perfect analogy to getting a woman to that ?special place? where you and she are alone. There is a goal in mind. There?s a strategy, but not complicated like football. It?s a basic mindset. Listen to basketball coaches – they only talk in terms of general mindsets:

We want to limit their outside shooting, and control the defensive rebounds.

We want to rush them on offense and get them on their heels. We?re going to exploit the mismatch of our centers and use our power to our advantage.

This is how basketball couches think. When you make a date plan, you need to have a general mindset, and physical benchmarks, but you must be able to improvise that doesn?t conflict with how women think.

Tennis is Like Flirting

These last two comparisons are easy and direct. Tennis is about back-and-forth. A good tennis player doesn’t see his opponent?s shot as a challenge, but an invitation. Most guys see a woman?s jabs as a challenge, and they get uptight and defensive. To me, it seems like she?s challenging me because she likes me and wants to play. Why would she try to play if she didn?t like me??

The Hockey Puck is Practice for the Clit

Seriously, that fucking puck is hard to find. When you catch it, don?t lose it. Stay on it. Pay attention to it. If you find it, keep in touch with it, and play with it, until you know exactly what to do with it.

Bonus: Football is Not Like Dating

I love American football, but for metaphorical purposes it?s tough to compare to dating. In fact, I think that?s why I love it. It?s a break – it?s purely masculine. It?s physically tough, meta-strategic, and focused on glory/pride. These are values that don?t apply much to being good with women, and understanding that is an achievement for most guys.

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