Top Five Movies of Naomi Watts

It?s kind of amazing to see what can happen with just one role. One bit of luck, one piece of casting or one piece of working hard to be in the right place at the right time and bam, you?re a movie star.

For Naomi Watts, that was ?Mulholland Drive? a fantastic film directed by David Lynch. Before that, her filmography consisted of six TV movies, three short-lived TV series and various other projects. Afterwards, one TV movie and that?s it for TV work.

The gorgeous Naomi Watts

I?m not belittling TV work as some of the best entertainment around right now (?Community,? ?Parks and Recreation,? ?Doctor Who? and ?Breaking Bad?) beam into our homes on the TV. I?m just saying that movies always will hold a different cachet. There are stars and then there are movie stars. Naomi is now one of the latter and because of her beauty and talent, she?ll likely stay there. But, just like her character Ellie Parker, there are so many actresses that just need that one role and we?d look at them in the same way. Naomi has had that moment and because of that we?ll get to enjoy Naomi in the current release of ?Dream House? with Daniel Craig and Rachel Weiszas well as her top five films below.

5. The Ring

There?s something about creepy, wet, longhaired, plant-covered girls that spooks me. I don?t think it’s just me. Then again, take out the ?creepy? and you probably have a Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue picture.

4. Tank Girl

Yes, this is here on promise alone. Naomi plays Jet Girl to Lori Petty?s Tank Girl and it looked so awesome and cool. It really did. Sigh. That?s all I want to say about that.

3. Eastern Promises

A pretty damn cool movie and Naomi does a great job, but the scene that will always stick in my mind is the battle Viggo Mortensen has in the bathhouse. It?s well done, tense and pretty scary (worse than creepy, wet, long-haired, plant-covered girls) because being attacked while naked now has become one of my bigger fears. My advice ? always lock your bathroom door.

2. Ellie Parker

This was such a cool glimpse at the life of an actress and life in Los Angeles. However, I haven?t watched it again since I moved out here. I bet it would hold up well, but I don?t want to find out, just in case it doesn?t.

1. Mulholland Drive

I still remember how the theater looked when the lights came up after the final credits rolled after this movie. It was at the Tivoli Manor Square in the Westport area of Kansas City. I remembered turning to my friend Jason (actual friend, not just another version of myself to facilitate the narrative) and saying, ?That had to be the sexiest movie I?ve ever seen.? As far as R-rated films go, I still stand by that statement. Oh, and the rest of it was pretty cool too.

Agree? Disagree? Which movies would make your Naomi Watts top five?


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