What She Tells Her Friends After Your First Date

It can be hard to tell, after a date, whether you are in agreement about whether or not the experience went well or not. But if you have a think about what she?s going to tell her closest friends, you can make a good guess as to her reflections on the date- and on you. So what exactly will she and her girls be discussing?

What You Wore

Know what they're chatting about

For women whose lives are rules by fashion?s endless cycle, they will notice your dress sense immediately. And, reporting back to her closest confidantes, a stylish woman will start with describing what you wore. More specifically, on whether it was appropriate for the setting of your date.You don?t have to put your outfit together like it?s an artwork- you can get away with a bland outfit as long as it fits the venue.

If she?s laid back about fashion and wouldn?t know Victoria?s Secret from Walmart; you?ve got nothing to worry about in terms of outfit. Feel free to wear runners next time you take her to a fancy restaurant, she probably won?t notice. She?ll be more likely to tell her best friend about your personality or something.

Was There a Spark?

Whether a date was a good experience or not often rests on there being a connection. If you clicked really well and had a great conversation, you can bet she?ll be enthusiastic in her description of you. If not, she will complain that there?s something amiss and look for reasons why she shouldn?t go there again.

How You Smell

Personal hygiene is all-important in what women want from a man. And, of course, smell is a great indicator of when you last took a shower. It?s a little sad that women have to rate personal hygiene as an attractive feature when it should be a given, but nonetheless you are at an advantage if you don?t reek. After your date, she will tell your friends whether your smell drove her wild with desire, or just the desire to get the hell away from you.

All the bad bits

We all love a funny story, so she?ll delight in telling her girls about all the awkward moments of your date. If you spilled soup onto your lap, used the wrong cutlery, or accidentally wore a really ugly T-shirt; you can bet she and her friends will be having a laugh at your expense.

A Second Date?

After she?s finished spilling all the details of your date, she will inevitably be asked if she?s going to go out with you again- unless it was such a horrible date that her friends won?t bother asking.

Talking about the date afterwards forces her to think about the experience- so her telling her friends about it is certainly a good thing if the date went well. Analyzing the date and discussing your personal attributes can be either fantastic or terrible as far as you?re concerned. If it didn?t go so well, she will convince herself that you don?t get a second go at courting her. But if it was an overall good experience, talking about it will make her focus on the great bits and want to go out with you again. Even if it didn?t go perfectly, even if there were awkward moments, she?ll realize in her discussion that you have potential to become something more in her life.

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