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Meeting Women is in Season

I?ll never forget that autumn.

It was 2007. I?d been a New Yorker for 2 years. I?d also been a student of men?s dating advice for those 2 years. I?d spent two long years encountering the infamous ?New York attitude? from the women I?d approach in bars, nightclubs, and the occasional coffee shop.

But it was all about to change that autumn.

That was the autumn Zack Bauer and I completed our ?30-day challenge??a personal ?hookup jihad? where we went out for 30 straight days and nights to approach and meet women.


By November, I was casually seeing 3 or 4 different girls and finally felt confident around women?in any situation. While my results were by no means my best, that autumn was the most fun I?ve ever had in ?the game.? I remember every night as an adventure, as the leaves changed, as the weather cooled, as the layers of clothes we wore multiplied, and the women we met blurred into a singular memory of awesomeness.

Seasonal Success

While this article could be another reflection on the process of becoming better with women, I?d rather focus on something simpler?yet just as important. I want to discuss how the seasons affect your success with women.

I know that sounds crazy?as if the change in seasons also changes people?s behavior. But is it that crazy? Every other species of mammal has a mating season, so what makes humans any different? The change in seasons does seem to exert an influence over the ?meet market? in major cities. Here?s the correlation I?ve noticed between the seasons and hooking up:

  • Winter: Couple time, people looking to settle down
  • Spring: Excitement but not much hooking up, more of a ?flirting? season than anything
  • Summer: Favorable for loose flings and hook ups, casual sex season
  • Fall: Everything season, people are both looking to hook up and scooping out partners for the ?winter season??best time to meet women

So what does this mean to you?

Playoff Season

If I meeting women was a sport (which it?s not), then here?s how it?d compare:

  • Winter: Offseason
  • Spring: Training season
  • Summer: Regular season
  • Fall: Playoffs

As I write this article, the leaves on the trees of Central Park are beginning to turn yellow, Starbucks is serving their ?pumpkin spice latte? drink, and I can wear a pants for more than just style points. It?s the fall season. It?s playoff season.

Most guys don?t pay attention to what season they?re in. They just go out, night-after-night, banging their head against the proverbial wall. But it?s time to wise up to what?s going on around you: girls are out for the taking.

Some of those girls will be looking for winter relationships, while other girls will be looking for casual hook ups. You have the best of both worlds available to you right now?so use it. For those who have procrastinated, now is the time to get out there and meet women. There?s no better time than the autumn to improve your success with women.

How to Adjust Your Approach to the Seasons

Since the season has an overall effect on your success with women, it?s important you tweak your approach appropriately. If you know the fall is a ?mixed season? for women, you may want to tone back the aggressiveness. Also keep in mind, however, that most of the women out in the fall are single. So approach away! (Hence why we call it playoff season.)

Good luck and remember: it?s playoff season?so put your game face on!

>>>To Learn More From Rob,?Check Out “The 4 Elements of Game”?where he breaks down game into four simple adjustments.

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About Rob J. Rob J. is a writer and dating instructor in New York City. Themes that resonate in both his teaching and writing are masculinity, genuineness, rational self-interest, and general awesomeness.

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