Stuff to Keep at Your Place for Female Company

I recently moved into a new apartment. One of my first priorities was to make sure my place was ready for female company. I don?t mean that I installed shag carpeting, put candles everywhere, and bought a big circle-shaped bed. My apartment isn?t all that impressive. Me and my roommate are pretty modest guys. We don?t have many pictures up, and our furniture doesn?t all match.

Clean it up, guys

One thing women tend to say when they first come over is, ?Yep, this is definitely a guy?s apartment.? But that?s OK because I know what?s really important, and women tend to feel very comfortable at my place, to the point where they enjoy just laying around. Now part of that is because they are with me, but I also make sure that a woman will have a comfortable experience here.

1. Drinks

This is probably common knowledge to most guys, but it?s important to mention. I?m not promoting alcohol abuse here, but having a glass of wine a couple beers (get something good like Stella Artois) will help a woman relax and lighten the mood. I don?t recommend making a habit of getting drunk with women you date, but when it comes to getting a woman in the mood in a short amount of time, you can?t do much better than a glass of wine.

2. Movies and snacks

You?ll likely spend a lot of time laying together on the couch, watching TV. That?s just something couples do. I have a subscription to Netflix, which I stream through Xbox Live, and a decent DVD collection. I don?t have cable, because I?m not much of a TV watcher, but I always have plenty of movies to watch, so there?s always something to do if I?m just laying around with a? girl.

3. Condoms (duh), lube, and massage oil

Obviously you should have condoms, but I?m going to take it one step further. Have condoms all over your place. Hide some under the couch cushions, in the kitchen drawer, near your bed, and in the bathroom. You might pass your woman in the hallway, and she just looks so sexy that you have to have her right there. You grab her, kiss her, and bend her over a table. If you don?t have a condom handy, there?s a likelihood that you will enter her unprotected in the heat of the moment. Lube and massage oil are great to have as well, for obvious reasons.

4. Blankets, pillows, and a comfortable bed

You want women to feel physically comfortable at your place. Have a couple really comfortable blankets, plenty of pillows, and spend the extra money on a comfortable bed. I sacrificed on some of my furnishings just so that I could afford a nice bed, and it was worth it, not just for my own comfort, but because women like being on it!

5. Lighting

Lighting has a huge impact on mood. When you?re figuring out how to light your place, think ?cozy.? Even in a boring room with not much aesthetic value, just dimming the light can make it feel more relaxed, cozy, and intimate. I think I got my lamps from Target ? I got lampshades that dim the light to an orange glow, and use low wattage light bulbs. It makes a difference because not only does it feel comfortable for her, I feel comfortable as well, and that makes me a little more sexual and relaxed when women come over.

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