Tips On How to Dress Yourself Taller

Did you know that tall men earn more money? That they are generally perceived as being more powerful? That women asked about the look of their ideal male almost always want him tall? How about the fact that US presidents are on average 3 inches taller than the man on the street?

If you are born with a certain lack of inches, don?t worry. We girls do know that short men usually have a fantastically high level of testosterone, which let?s face it, counts where it matters. Additionally there are a few ways to visually increase your size:

1.Stay in one color.

The same color pants and shirt will streamline your appearance, especially if you are choosing a dark color. Black or navy usually works extremely well with disguising shortness. If you are wearing a differently colored top and pants, make sure that your pants are darker than your top. People are visually drawn to the darker color first and perceive you from the bottom up, which creates a sense of height.

2. Stripes

Stretch yourself out

It is not a clich? that stripes can make you wider or taller. Vertical stripes that are unbroken visually lengthen your body. A pin stripe suit is a good option to get that extra bit of height for the work place.

Do avoid the horizontal stripes though. While they work quite well to give you the illusion of more muscle bulk unfortunately they also make you look shorter.

3. Wear fitted clothing.

Most men have this annoying tendency to buy their clothes too big. Throw away your oversized T-shirts and baggy pants. It is not a flattering look and especially detrimental for shorter men. It simply makes you look like a kid in your father?s clothes.

Go for tighter clothes instead. The tighter, the longer you appear and that is what you are after, especially if you do have some muscles to show off. After all your height you cannot change, the build of your body however you can work on.

One word of warning: Stop at the skinny jeans look right here. Leave them to the girls, please!

4. A few more tricks

– Yes, again, the old jacket. No man can go past it and a short man will especially benefit from its height enhancing looks.

– A tie is another little trick to create the illusion of grandeur. Stay with a narrow cut and try the vertical or diagonal lines for that little bit of extra.

– You could play with accessories and wear something attention grabbing on top with a scarf. It keeps the eye from moving downward.

– Avoid shorts and short sleeves.

– Unfortunately they make your limbs even shorter looking. Go for rolled up sleeves or pants instead.

– Wear your pants at waist level and not on the hips to avoid that short leg look.

– If you really feel you must increase in size not just optically but in reality then then try heel inserts or shoes with a little heel.

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