Destroying Other Guys: Rob’s Tactical Toolbox

AMOG Alternative

Let me begin by saying that I?ve always hated the idea of ?AMOGing??a display of dominance over other men. I?ve been actively picking up women for years, and I can count on my fingers the number of times another guy has required an ?AMOGing.? And even then, most of the traditional AMOG advice would have been heavy-handed and unnecessary.

Expose that wiring

That said, if you?re pursuing the desirable girls you should, you?re going to confront other guys. Most guys won?t even confront you to your face?instead they?ll trash talk you behind your back, try to convince your girl of your foibles, or get passive aggressive on your ass. I?ve seen it. And I?ve destroyed it.

Although, I didn?t ?destroy? these lame attempts from spurred lovers by acting like an ?alpha male.? Instead, I did it by acting like a Lambda Lambda Lambda male (yeah, that?s right, I just made a Revenge of the Nerds reference). My subtle?yet effective?destroyer of romantic rivals is a little technique I call, ?Expose the Wiring.?

Exposing the Wiring

If you reduced ?coolness? down to its square root, you?ll find that most cool behavior is mysterious in its intentions. On the other hand, uncool behavior is usually very obvious in its intention, which is exactly why guys who act ?try-hard? or like a ?dancing monkey? are deemed pathetic and unattractive.

Whenever someone points out a specific behavior and explains the intention behind it, the effectiveness (and coolness) of that behavior gets deflated. This is exactly why the pickup community circa 2005 was terrified when The Game was published. All the behaviors they?d learned, and which seemed mysterious, would be revealed for what they were: pickup techniques.

If you think about it, this premise is exactly why pickup lines fail, why trying something you saw in a movie fails, and even why grand romantic gestures fail. It?s too obvious. And, so, it?s not cool.

In other words, when you know someone?s intentions, you see ?the wiring.? In other words, you know what makes someone tick, which gives you a sense of superiority over that person. Once a girl deems a guy as inferior, he?s immediately disqualified as a sexual prospect.

Now that you understand how ?the wiring? works, you can use it to your extreme advantage.

Leveling the Competition

Whenever you encounter another guy who is vying for the same girl as you, expose his wiring. If you can point out his behavior, you win. For example, in almost every exclusive relationship I?ve ever been in, I?ve dealt with guys who would buy my girlfriend gifts, offer to drive her around, and kiss her ass.

These guys would always claim they were just doing it because ?they wanted to? or because she?s ?such a good friend.? While it seemed obvious to me why these guys were acting like this, by pointing it out to my girlfriend, she?d stop seeing them as ?caring friends? and see them for what they really were: creepy losers who were trying to bribe their way into her pants.

That?s an obvious example, but I use this little ?destroyer? all the time. Here are some more examples:

  • Guy starts acting tough with me in front of a girl, so I turn to the girl and say, ?Yeah, this guy is probably really nice when girls aren?t around. But once he?s around women, he puts on his estrogen muscles and does this tough guy act. Aren?t you so impressed??
  • Guy offers to buy the girl I?m with a drink, so I turned to the girl and say, ?You should totally take him up on that drink. But be careful because once he buys you a drink, he?s going to expect you to talk to him and he?s probably going to act all creepy. But you can?t really leave, because he?s going to think that buying you a drink is some sort of social contract that seals your sexual servitude to him. Enjoy!?
  • I clone myself and encounter my clone at the bar with a girl, when I try to steal the girl from my clone by acting like a tough guy, and my clone tries to say I?m putting on ?estrogen muscles? to impress her, I say, ?I like how this guy points out what I?m doing in an attempt to undermine me. That?s a great strategy man. How?s it working for ya??

These are just some silly examples to further explain the concept. If you can grasp why this is effective, and how to do it, you have at your disposal the most potent way of disarming any?and I mean any?guy who?s standing between you and a girl you like.

Which is exactly why I want to conclude this article with a caveat: use this tactic ethically. You now know how to make any guy seem uncool and pathetic, so please only use it on guys who deserve it. Otherwise, my evil clone may expose your wiring.

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About Rob J. Rob J. is a writer and dating instructor in New York City. Themes that resonate in both his teaching and writing are masculinity, genuineness, rational self-interest, and general awesomeness.

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