Girls Love to Cuddle Up to Sweaters

Still having nightmares about your school uniform sweater? Sweaters your Mom made you wear, making you look like the dorkiest kid on the block? Dreaded hand knits from your least favorite auntie for Christmas?

Get over it!

Sweaters are an essential part of every stylish guys wardrobe and can have serious pulling power due to their magical transformation possibilities. It all depends in the choice of knit, neckline and the material you choose.


Get cuddly

If you go for cashmere you cannot go wrong, provided you buy a well fitting one. I know they are hellishly expensive due to the scarcity of the goat hair from which Kashmir derives its name. Grit your teeth when you buy one and then you can grin about its luxurious feel, its lightness, and its cuddly warmth. Just make sure to buy it in a color that lets you wear it again and again without everyone recognizing that it is the only cashmere sweater you own. Black, sand or navy are great options. If you look after it you can expect to wear this prized piece of clothing for 10 years or more.


Wool is another nice option and quite a bit more affordable. It keeps you warm and it comes in many different knits. In my eyes it has the most transforming power of all the materials. Choose a coarsely knitted wool sweater and you get that just-off-the-boat look. It can visually add centimeters to the circumference of your biceps or simply hide the widening effect of too many burgers and beers. On the other hand a finer knit can work wonders in showing off your pecs if that is a muscle group you are proud of. Beware though; wool needs serious looking after and careful handling. Never ever wash it hot or you will be crying.


If you can do without the warmth factor, cotton can be a good sweater material. Usually a cotton sweater is even less expensive than a woolen one and there is the added benefit that you can wear a cotton sweater directly on your skin. Might come in handy for certain occasions??! Organic cotton is certainly the nicest choice here.


Yes, there are the synthetic options. Well, they can do a lot nowadays and believe me I have been fooled into a cashmere imitation being the real deal. Visually that is. If you touch the material you know you are touching plastic.

My line of advice is to stay with authenticity. After a few washes you will notice the difference in quality. So why not go for the gorgeous naturals in the first place?


The crew neck is probably the most common option and has its place. No need to think about what to wear underneath until you strip of course.

My personal favorite is the V-neck. Be careful not to opt for a too low one. Just enough to show off a nice T-shirt or a bit of skin -not your belly button fluff.

And yes, I do love the turtleneck too for the right guy. It simply transforms you into this intellectual yet sexy as hell guy, if that is the look you are after. Are you?

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