Spontaneous Props for the Bedroom

I?ll be honest, I don?t have much experience using sexual props. I?ve never felt the need for them because my sexual journey has always been about intimacy, which is mostly mental. But I have used ?props? to increase the effect of my closeness, dominance, and excitement. I?ll explain how I have used the following items, but keep in mind I?m always focused on giving the woman a great experience.

Your shirt

Get kinky

Use your shirt to tie her up.? Rip it off your chest like a wild caveman. Grab her by her wrists, and put the shirt across her wrists. If she says ?no,? stop and talk to her. Tell her you want to take control of her body and pleasure her. If she is uncomfortable, back off immediately.

You can use your shirt as a way to tie her up, and also to blindfold her. If you tie her wrists, every touch becomes more intense, because she has no control. The same happens when you blindfold her, because she becomes hyper-aware of her body (as you would.) You see, when you cut off one sense, you accentuate the others.

Her bra

First use her bra to stimulate her breasts. Pull on the back-strap to squeeze her breasts. Lick around the boundaries of her bra. Her bra acts as a boundary, holding back what she wants.

You can use her bra as a way of guiding her. Think about how dominant it is to reach up and grab the back of a woman?s bra strap and guide her. That’s something it is inherent in her woman hood. It?d be like her grabbing your boxers. It?s very dominant, which women like.


Your necktie is the easiest way to tie a woman up, in a natural, masculine way. I never wear neckties, because I don?t have to. But sometimes, if I?m making out with a girl that seems a little bored or overly ?relaxed,? I?ll break out the necktie.

I?ll say, ?This is for you. Put your wrists together.? I always do this with a big smile, because I?m only doing it to make the woman feel awesome. If you don?t have this intention, she?ll see it and freak out. You must have all the love in the world for her, in order to make random props work.


Put something sugary on your body, or her body. Chocolate syrup is the obvious one. You also have caramel, and fruity syrup. You have to understand the reason why flavors get a lick, and your normal skin does not.

If you want her mouth on you, make sure you are prepared.I?ve had a few girls call me ?Yummy.? You want a girl sucking your dick and saying ?Mmmm…yummy.? How? Make sure you are clean, and smell good. One gross experience can turn her off forever.

Also, make sure she feels safe. You need to make it clear that you won?t brag to your boys about how she went down on you. You need to know how to ?get head? so that she wants to do it all the time.

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