Easy Ways to Up Your Scoring Rate, Part 1

Yes we all know it: Is the inside that counts.

Make your face better!

Your personality, your humor, your caring nature, your intelligence. But what this column tries to do is to package all these lovely assets of yours nicely so that your qualities can shine through and are enhanced. Yes, you could buy a whole new wardrobe to achieve that fantastic wrapping effect of your goodies or you could spend a fortune to the advantage of a cosmetic surgeon. Here are just a few tips that will save you from having to spend a whole lot of money to make you look better.

Address your mouth.

Get yourself one of the hundreds of products off the shelves to whiten your teeth or simply do it the old-fashioned way and use some bicarb soda on your toothbrush to get rid of nasty stains. It is not unmanly to consider using lip balm if you suffer from dry lips. After all you want HER to kiss those lips of yours and consider putting her tongue in that mouth of yours therefore you might as well present it in the most appetizing way possible.


Have a close look in the mirror. I mean closer. This is how SHE will see you. Do you suffer from blackheads? Get yourself a little blackhead-removing tool and improve the look of your skin. Look further. Are there any unruly hairs growing out of your nose? Are your eyebrows turning into a jungle? Trim! A little moisturizer goes a long way if your skin tends to be dry.


Girls get a real high from nice hands. After all they will visualize them to touch them in the most intimate places! Believe me it is to your advantage to have them looking good. Stop biting your nails and use a nail file. And make sure your nails are absolutely clean.

Reconsider your Hairstyle

Yes, you might have had that look since you were 10 years old and you have never doubted its effectiveness in relation to its pulling power. Ok, if you have such a high success rate stick with it. You are doing the right thing. However change is the only constant thing in life and sometimes it pays to opt for a different look. Have a look through magazines and identify a hairstyle or two that you really like. Next time you get a cut talk it through with your hairdresser and see if it could work for you.

To Be Continued …

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