How to Look Good in the Gym

Let?s face it. There are better and worse places for picking up. If you tend to pass away your spare time in remote wilderness areas you might be a hot guy but unfortunately you are not going to get a lot of exposure to show off your goodies.

The gym on the other hand has proven to be the perfect kind of meat mart. Men and women thrown together in a small area, enough time to take a good look at what is crossing your path and being able to show off that fantastic muscular lean body of yours.?What else could you possibly want?

Look good in the gym

I know, I know not everyone has such a fine athletic body and even if you do there are better and worse ways to present it to the female world.

If you want to look good in the gym just keep a few things in mind.


There is nothing wrong with shorts. If you are seriously working out they simply are a very practical option. But please, please stay away from short shorts. Yes, your legs might be seriously sexy but a hot pant style short is not going to give you the desired effects. Some things are best left to the girls. Skinny jeans, lipstick and short pants included. Your lycra bike shorts should also be left to where they belong. Wear them for bike riding if you must but leave them at home for the gym.

Great gym shorts are fitted and not too baggy. They should end just above the knee and be made of mainly cotton with some sort of shape keeping fiber like spandex.

Track pants

There is nothing wrong with wearing track pants especially if your calf muscles are in need of some attention. Looser fitting track pants can hide flaws in your leg area quite nicely.?If you have chicken legs and a rather flat behind find a thicker cotton style tracksuit pant. The thicker material will give you a little extra bulk around those areas where you need it. Just be careful that your track pants don?t look like you also wear them to bed.


Lose the baggy t-shirts that resemble more a night-shirt than work out gear. If you have a good body there is nothing wrong with showing it off with a nicely fitted t-shirt. If you haven?t you are still better off with a t-shirt that actually fits, just don?t make it a body hugging one and go for a darker color. I personally am not a fan of tanks however good your body might be. I find them just a tad vulgar. But having said that there are some women who like the look of them so I won?t put them on a no-no list. Just depends on your style.


It is a funny thing but even the most conservative guys who would only ever wear grey suits in life let it all hang out when it comes to color in the gym. There are pinks and neon yellows to be found that have come straight out of the eighties and stripes and logos to make taste buds explode. Resist the temptation to become a parrot while working out. It does not look sporty it simply is bad style. Wear a solid dark color like navy, black or grey for your pants and if you must a more colorful t-shirt or tank top if you can pull that one off muscle wise.

Just a few last words. Trainers should really look like they are trainers not some rappers wet dream and sweat needs to be effectively dealt with. Don?t use your t-shirt as a towel to wipe it off and if you are a serious sweater wear a black t-shirt to hide all the sweat stains. Girls simply don?t go for that look.

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