The Importance of Being Available

I?ve been thinking a lot about the way I have met women in my past lately, mainly for a project I?m doing for another writing gig I have.

Right place, right time

It got me thinking about all the proactive shit we usually pipe up about in these articles and something occurred to me, a more passive skill that has allowed me to be proactive and meet women, it?s a kinda ?fact of life? realization and is a passive change that you can implement right away, in fact just by reading this article and being aware of it may automatically instill it into the way you are. It has led me to so many women that I almost feel bad for it, haha just fucking with you, I don?t feel stuff.

Anyways this skill is as easy to implement as it to go take a piss in the morning or charge your phone when the battery dies, it’s just automatic, the thing you need to do is: MAKE YOURSELF AVAILABLE!

It?s pretty basic and seeing as you are on this site, you have already shown that you are interested in learning this type of shit, I therefore assume that you?are making at least some effort to become a cooler guy that women want to be around. If you are then you are probably noticing that now you?re a bit cooler than you used to be that girls like you more, you may even have noticed some of them giving you a second glance and checking you out (and if you haven?t noticed them it is simply because you aren?t looking).

Simply by becoming a cooler guy, you become more attractive to women. This is pretty much a given. They may not be the standard of women that you dream of, but they are women.

You know that guy who every time you see him, he seems to have already pulled or be just about to? He has a different girl on his arm every week? The guy who ?gets lucky?? Well I don?t believe in luck in the same way that most do.

Right Place, Right Time

I believe that luck is being in the right place to take advantage of an opportunity that comes your way. A great analogy for this is the way the late Al Davis made his Raiders play in the 80?s and 90?s. He always had 2 speed guys at wide receiver, the idea was that they would both run for the end zone looking for the big play, more often than not one of them would grab the ball for a TD.?They put their receivers in the position to make a big play and a lot of times the fuckers made it happen, I mean a mediocre team like the Oakland Raiders won 3 Super Bowls in 8 years and challenged for 4 of the other 5. They gave themselves those opportunities. They made their own luck.

The reason I am talking about luck is that you need to start putting yourself into positions to be lucky. It is much easier than it seems, in fact just reading this article may be enough to fire the right synapses in your brain to heighten your sensitivity to these situations.

It?s kinda like when you notice that a word is being said a lot around you, it is most likely not that the word is being said more than usual, it is that you (for some reason or other) are more sensitive to hearing the word.

Try to heighten your sensitivity to the opportunities around you, things like when a girl looks at you for a second too long, sitting on a seat near you when the whole room is empty, that girl who sticks around until the end of the night until you two are alone together. It may seem like it but these things are not accidents, they are signs that you should make your move. If you notice that the opportunity is there of course.

I?m not saying that you should take every opportunity presented but if you are aware of them at least you have the choice. These things are not about getting lucky and being in the right place at the right time. The truth is that people get luckier and seem to have better timing if they are prepared for the opportunities that come their way.

It might be?that you happen to meet a woman while you are doing your laundry, getting a coffee from your local coffee shop, bumping into them on the street appears to conveniently collide with when they are looking to meet a guy. It can seem like perfect timing when she says ?I was hoping to meet a nice guy? or other such nonsense, this timing can become a whole lot more perfect if you?re always there, ready for it, when they happen to be looking.

Put yourself in the shop window and the buyers will find you.

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