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How to Smell Divine, Part 1

There is this time in a boy’s life when he suddenly stops smelling like a heavenly child and he enters into the world of real men, at least in the smell department. When puberty hits, it can hit hard with body odor and bad breath. This transition period should only last very shortly and a knowledgeable mum or dad will pick up on it and make subtle hints that the time for deodorants and mouthwashes has arrived.

Get to smelling good!

Well, not always. Some guys never learn how to manage their body?s odor and fare the worse for it. Others go into chemical warfare when it comes to attacking it and you can smell them coming before they enter the room.

Both approaches won?t get you very far when it comes to relationships with girls. There is an art to getting it right in the world of fragrances. But there are also some common sense steps that are easy to follow and greatly enhance your personal style.

Breath control

There is no absolutely no excuse for not brushing your teeth at least twice a day. Make sure you brush your tongue as well to get rid of some potentially smelly build up. Yes, flossing is an absolute must as well and also on a nightly basis. You just do not want to run around with bits of rotting meat between your teeth. You might not smell it but believe me she will! If you have a cold or suffer some digestive disorder you might have to go into more detail. Chew on some caraway seeds, parsley or cardamom granules every so often during the day(all available at the supermarket and dirt cheap) or simply make it a habit to have some mints every few hours especially after a meal, a smoke or a coffee.

Rinse your mouth regularly with water and simply make sure that a lot of it goes down too. It flushes your body of toxins and generally makes you smell better.

Body odor

Yes, of course the daily shower. Some of you might need another one before going out. Use good simple soap and shampoo every second day

I know I should not have to say that. But do not be slop when it comes to changing your clothes. Jeans shouldn?t be worn more than twice and underwear?well every day you need to change those. Get some neutral antiperspirant and spend your money on a great scent instead. (More about this next week.)

If you do have a more serious body odor problem take my naturopathic advice and supplement with chlorophyll. It cleanses your body beautifully and gets rid of any toxins that make you smell.

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